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Chocolate Mousse Cheesecake

Like so many people I know, I am addicted to Pinterest.  I saw many posts on Facebook about things that people have "pinned" and never really paid attention.  Then a friend invited me to join.  I didn't realise you had to be invited to join until I tried to bypass the invite and join on my own which only made it more enticing.  Ever since then I can't go to bed without looking through Pinterest's popular pins and what my friends have pinned.  There are so many craft ideas, recipes, quotes, organizing ideas, etc. it's great.  I even follow a blog 365 Days of Pinterest Creations, that I discovered from following a pin to the originating website.

I have have made several crafts that I found on here and have tried several recipes.  This past weekend for a family get together I made the Chocolate Mousse Cheesecake and it is by far the best cheesecake I have ever had! If I do say so myself.

Normally I follow the recipe the first exactly and then deviate from there.  However, sometimes the grocery store doesn't have what I need or I forget that I needed it.  The only thing I changed in this recipe was the chocolate in the ganache layer.  Mr. T couldn't get bittersweet chocolate at the grocery store so I went with milk chocolate chips instead.  The recipe didn't say what size the spring form pan had to be.  Ugh!  So, I chose my biggest pan at 12".  I didn't spread Oreo cookie crumbs up the sides of the pan either, it's a personal preference. I did take Memoria's advice and poured it on while the cake was still in the pan and refrigerated for a few hours.

It's not a last minute dessert by any means, but it is definitely worth the planning and the work.  Even Miss E loved it and normally all she wants for dessert is ice cream.


  1. Yum! You can make that for me sometime too if you like. You know, if you want to try it out with the bittersweet chocolate ;)


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