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Sweet 16 Confetti Cake

For this cake I did a 3 layer 8 inch vanilla cake filled with confetti.  The birthday girl loves confetti.  

The first time I covered this cake in buttercream icing I had finished the crumb coat and decided to taste the icing.  Something wasn't right.  I had Mr. T and Miss. E provide their input and it wasn't good.  It was after 9pm on a Saturday night and I wasn't sure what to do.  I couldn't figure out what went wrong with the icing.  Miss. E was just as stumped as I was.  She kept saying that this has never happened before.  Thankfully Mr. T was willing to go out to the 24h Metro to pick up  more icing sugar, 10% cream, and pure vanilla extract while I scraped all the icing off.  Thank goodness the second batch tasted as it should.  Phew!  The rest of the decorating went more more smoothly.

For the decorations I sent Mr. T and Miss. E to the Bulk Barn and Tim Horton's.  Miss. E did a great job picking out all the candy.  I added 3 birthday Timbits for extra heig…
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Salted Caramel Chocolate Cake with Cheesecake Filling

Today we had our Coles family Easter dinner and I thought that since it was pretty close to my cousin Josh's birthday that we would celebrate.  Especially because the whole family was together and it is a major milestone turning 30.  Oh to be 30 again!
I wanted to do something big and over the top so I started with the idea of cheesecake as the filling.  Originally, I was going to do a very tall 5 layer 8" cake but then I thought it would be really difficult to cut.  I decided on a two tiered cake.  

Each tier consisted of three layers, chocolate cake, cheese cake and chocolate cake.  Both were covered in a salted caramel icing.  Then I drizzled chocolate ganache and homemade caramel sauce over the top of each tier.  Added some more salted caramel icing topped with 30 Ferrero Rochers chocolates. 
For the topper I cut out a 3 and 0 from card stock and laminated them then attached them to bamboo skewers.  Josh was able to take the top tier home and only served the bottom tier. …

Molly's Frozen Cake

For Molly's 4th birthday I made a three layer 8" chocolate cake with chocolate fudge filling covered in buttercream icing.  The flavour was mama's choice and the theme Molly's.  :)

I printed off pictures of Elsa, Ana and Olaf and then laminated them, then dabbed some water on the back to "glue" them on to the cake. 

I love this picture!  I think she liked her cake. 
Happy Birthday Molly!

Batman Cake

I love doing super hero cakes.  They are just so much fun!  Especially when I have the cookie cutters to help me along.  Everett's mom sent me a picture of what she'd like and I was able to duplicate it.

This was a two layer 8" chocolate cake with chocolate fudge filling.  Covered in grey fondant with fondant decorations.  I invested in a 4", 6" and 8" metal round cookie cutter which makes doing the larger circles much easier to do. 

Mr. T was kind enough to deliver this out to Newcastle tonight as Miss E and I leave early for our retreat.

Tim's Perfect Chocolate Cake

For Tim and his brother John's birthday this year I went with the traditional Perfect Chocolate Cake.  A 3 layer 8" chocolate cake with whipped cream filling covered in chocolate fudge icing.  This is the family favourite, so I couldn't go wrong. 

I made the retro cake topper using Cricut Design Space.  The lettering and music notes are in black vinyl.  It's super easy to work with.

Happy Birthday Tim and John!

Tessia's Blueberry Lemon Cake

Tessia messaged me with a picture of a previous lemon blueberry cake that I had made and booked it for her birthday.  I love a birthday girl who knows what she wants!

This was a 3 layer 8" cake with lemon creamcheese icing.  Every time I do a repeat cake I try to decorate it differently from the others.  This time I cut thin slices of lemon to go around as swirls on the top of the cake.

I also made a cake topper using Circut Design Space in dark blue, like blueberries. Printed it out three times and glued them together to make it extra thick.

Happy Birthday Tessia!

Sailor Moon Cake

I was asked to make this vanilla cake for Liz's birthday and was pretty much given carte blanche.  I knew she liked cats and Sailor Moon.  When I saw that there was a cat in Sailor Moon I had figured out the theme for the cake.

The cake is covered in vanilla buttercream.  I used fondant for all the decorations.

Happy Birthday Liz!