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Run For The Cure Bake Sale #4: Oreo Cupcakes

I love making these cupcakes.  They are really a crowd favourite for all ages.  I brought in 6 dozen of them for our bake sale today.  Along with the "crack" fudge we sold out of everything making $250 in profit for RFTC.

These are super easy to make.  All you have to do is line the muffin baking sheet with the cupcake liners and drop an Oreo cookie on the bottom of each one.  I make my favourite vanilla batter and fill the liners as normal and bake.  After they cool, add buttercream icing on top, then a mini Oreo, followed by Oreo crumbs.  Yummy!

Wedding Cake for a Peacock Theme

The original plan for this cake completely changed several days before the wedding.  Originally it was going to be a 3 tiered cake with lots of teal buttercream icing, or so we thought.  Then I was talking with the bride's aunt (a.k.a. Sherry-Lee from Krumbs) and discussed that it would be very hot that day and there was no a/c in the hall.  Plans changed to it covered in fondant with ruffles and an ombre effect with teal on the edges.

Then we realised that the cake was going to be the only dessert and that the top tier was not going to be served as part of the dessert.  Did not leave much cake for the actual dessert, so we did decided add a fourth tier.

Then we found out that all the tiers were going to be separated.  Which was great for traveling with for delivery but the ombre effect would be lost.  Oh well!

In the end there was a 10" chocolate cake, an 8" vanilla, an 8" lemon and a 6" vanilla tier.  The stands were a little wobbly so we had to make sure th…

Farewell Cake, from Toronto to Honk Kong

When I was asked to do a cake for this farewell party I had no idea how I was going to incorporate Hong Kong into the theme.  I discovered that Honk Kong has a flag, which I though would make a great decoration to the cake.  

I had just enough red fondant left that I didn't have to dye any thankfully.  I didn't really want to have red fingers for the next few days.  I cut out the five petals in white, cut out 5 red stars and drew the "stems" in with an edible red marker.

The cake itself was a two layer 8" chocolate with mocha filling.  

For decoration on the sides I thought it would be fun to do farewell/goodbye in as many different languages as possible.
1. Aloha - Hawaiian  2. Zaijian - Chinese, simplified 3. Farewell - English, but you knew that, I hope. :) 4. Bon Voyage - French 5. Zbogom - Croatian, for Darko :) 6. Adios - Spanish 7. Sayonara - Japanese 8. Au Revoir - French 9. Adieu - French 10. Vale - Latin 11. Ciao - Italian 12. Slan - Irish 13. Farvel -…