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Palm Tree Cupcakes

For Miss E's school fun fair this year I thought that these cupcakes would be perfect for the bake sale.

These were actually pretty easy to do.  I baked two dozen vanilla cupcakes, covered them in vanilla butter cream icing then dipped them in graham cracker crumbs to look like sand.  For the palm trees I took pretzel sticks and laid them on waxed paper.  Melted green candy melt and poured it over each stick to look like palm leaves.  Though most of the palm leaves looked pretty abstract.  Before they set I sprinkled green sprinkles over them and set in the fridge for 10 minutes.  Once set I stuck each "tree" into the "sand".

Retirement Cake for Pat

I was so happy to be asked to do Pat's cake for her surprise retirement party.  The request was for a lemon cake with cream cheese filling, to have flowers on it and for it to say "happy retirement Pat"

With my kitchen still pretty much in disarray some things are still missing in action like my black back drop for taking pictures and my supply of cake boards.  This cake was decorated on top of my large wood stand.  The cake is a 2 layer 10" cake.

I love doing flowers.  They can be time consuming but are very relaxing to do.  Especially while binge watching Scandal! :)

All the best to you Pat.  Enjoy this next chapter where every day is Saturday!

Frozen Cake for Brooklyn

Brooklyn, Miss E's cousin turned 6 today and as her birthday present I made her cake.  She asked for a Frozen themed cake and at first I was thinking ice cream cake and wondering how it would travel in an hour car ride.  Then I clued in.  Duh!  Frozen Fever has come and gone from our house so it's not on my radar the same. 

For the decorations, it was pretty straightforward.  Cut out lots of snowflakes in various sizes and different colours.

Mr T's cousin, a.k.a. Brooklyn's nana bought the figurines at the Disney Store to put on top.  They were less than $10!  Under Miss E's advisement I did not add Hans to the cake as he is the bad guy.

The cake was a three layer 8" vanilla cake with each layer coloured in the Frozen colours as per Brooklyn's mom's request.  The look on Brooklyn's face was priceless when she saw the different colours.  So worth the extra effort. :)

Mini Purple Cakes

Remember at Christmas when I swore I would never to mini cakes again?  My coworker, Clover, convinced me to make her some for this weekend.  I am swearing again to never make these again.  They are such a pain to do!

I made a dozen of these vanilla 2" cakes.  Covering them in fondant is not easy.  I even had to double layer a purple one because the fondant started split and I couldn't get the first layer off.  Making the bows was actually pretty easy to do and I love how they turned out, I do love the polka dot cakes as well. They took a lot longer than I had planned to decorate but they got done.:)

Bridal Shower Cupcakes

While my kitchen is still under constructions Krumbs was kind enough to lend me their kitchen to use to do my baking.  It was like being a kid in a candy store.  Except I didn't know where anything was.  Thankfully while they were out catering a party Kendall was on hand to show me where everything was and to learn how to decorate the cupcakes.

We baked almost 7 dozen cupcakes in the oven in 15 minutes.  It was crazy fast!  Kendall was an amazing help as the kitchen is huge compared to my little galley kitchen and she was doing the dishes as went.  Awesome!

The kitchen got hot pretty quickly which made icing the cakes super easy to do but you had to work quickly.  Kendall did the dress cake which turned out amazing.  We just put a bit of icing on the bottom of each cupcake so that they didn't move on the cake board.

To make the claws on the "ring" I used the same tip, 1M, and did a few swirls.

Emoji Cupcakes - Logan's Birthday

For Logan's birthday celebration at school his mom asked me to make these cupcakes to help secure her super mom status.  It was the first time using my new stove in the new kitchen.  We don't have a counter top yet but with the help of Mr. T and Miss. E I was able to get them done without too much trouble.

Love having a convection oven! Though I should really read the instruction manual as it seems to take a lot longer to bake than the old oven.

The emojis are waiting patiently to be added to the top of the cupcakes.

The cupcakes were a big hit with the class.  Always ready to help another mom secure super mom status in the school. :)