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Baby Boy Shower Cake

This cake was an order from Krumbs for a baby shower.  The cake had to be gluten free.  So I used my one recipe for flourless chocolate cake.  Thirty ounces (yes, 30) of chocolate later I had an 11 lb cake!

To offset how dense the cake is, for the filling I used whipped cream.  For the bottom tier (8") I have a button cookie cutter that I used for the large buttons.  For the smaller "buttons" I used a circle cutter and pressed two button holes in each one.  For the top tier (6") the bow looked centred when I added it but with the angle of the picture I took, it looks off centre now.  Originally I hadn't planned on adding the tiny polka-dots but it looked a little bare.

Frog Cake for Darlene

This cake is for my friend's EA tomorrow.  An 8" two layer chocolate cake with fudge icing for the filling and the covering.  Darlene loves frogs so I made the two little critters out of fondant.  The one in the water is supposed to look like he's almost under the water but I think it looks like he's missing his feet in retrospect.  It's still cute though.  After I was done I had nothing in the bottom right corner and it looked like it was missing something, so I added the cursive D in pink dragees.  

Hope you have a great day celebrating you Darlene!

Curious George Birthday Cake

When Jenn asked me to make a Curious George cake for Liam's 3rd birthday I was super excited.  I loved Curious George when I was a kid.  I did not need to be educated by Miss E for this one.  I had fun browsing the web for ideas.

As I mentioned in my previous post I had issues calculating the recipes so this 2 layer 10" cake was over 5" tall by the time I was done decorating.

Liam chose to have a chocolate cake.  I combined ideas from several cakes that I found on the web.  I loved the Curious George with the party hat from one cake, found the idea for the balloons from another and the various sizes of red dots from another.

Special Agent Oso Cake

When Mr T mentioned that one of his vendor reps wanted me to make a cake for his son's first birthday I had no idea who Special Agent Oso was.  Thankfully Miss E was able to educate me.

I had two cakes to do this weekend and both were for boys named Liam.  I started baking early Saturday morning.  Essentially I had 4 cakes to make.  Clearly, I wasn't thinking when I was calculating the recipes because in my mind they were all square cakes but in reality they were round.  What does this mean?  You don't need as much batter in the cake pans.  Something I forgot about so all of my cakes are VERY tall.

At about 3:30 I realised that I wouldn't have enough fondant to cover all the cakes, especially with their extra height.  The store where I get my fondant closes at 4pm on Saturdays and is about 20 minutes in good traffic.  Thanks to Mr T and his need for speed, my hero, was able to get me my 10lb bucket of fondant.  He saved the day.

For this Liam's birthday cake his …

Ty's 20th Birthday Cake

Ty's birthday was on December 24th and I was supposed to deliver the cake on the 23rd to my friend and pick up my fudge.  Thanks to the ice storm that took our power out as I mentioned in my previous post for 38 hours I couldn't bake or cook anything.  After waking up the 2nd morning without power on the 23rd we packed up everything to go to my parents.  We dropped off Miss E, dropped off baking orders from Krumbs to my co-workers and friends as we made our way back into the city to see if our power was back on.  Thankfully it was.  
I was so happy that I was going to be able to do this cake for Ty's birthday.  Unfortunately I didn't have a lot of time.  Otherwise I would have spent a lot more time making the stripes more even and less wobbly looking.  :(  The circles covered up a bit and I love the ombre look.  The 20 I cut out of card stock.  Originally they were supposed to be out of fondant but I didn't have enough time to have them number harden.

This cake was…

Christmas Baking

I am so behind on my blog updates!  This past month has been crazy.  I did have a break from baking.  Which was really nice.  I meant to do this post before Christmas.  However, the major ice storm that cut our power for 38 hours just before Christmas completely changed my plans for the next several days.  Then both Mr. T and got caught a nasty flu that took us out of commission over New Year's.  Good times!

I made 6 dozen of these mini cupcakes in chocolate and vanilla for a coworker before the Christmas brake.
I have a set of 3 snowflake fondant cutters.  For the mini cupcakes I used the smallest one.

I made 2 dozen of these chocolate cupcakes to donate for Miss E's school bake sale.  I used the largest snowflake cutter for these and added a dragee in the centre of each.

Finally, this was my only personal "baking" I did this year.  I found the recipe for peppermint patties on Pinterest.  It was quite simple.  I divided the dough into thirds and dyed them green and…