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Deadpool Birthday Cake

I can't believe this guy turned 7 today!  Of course I was thrilled to do a cake for him.  His request was for a vanilla cake with the Deadpool theme.  Of course I had no idea what Deadpool was or that it was a character in the title movie.  I'm not really into any of the Marvel or DC movies.  Good thing my friends like me in spite of my flaws!  Ha. :)

I knew not to cover it in fondant because that would be way too easy on me.  Wouldn't you know that Deadpool's colours are red and black.  Two of the most fun colours to dye butter cream icing.  I went with red icing then black and white fondant decorations.

To add depth to the lettering I cut out a set in white and a set in black.  Then I offset the white on top of the black slightly.  I love how this turned out.

This was an 8" two layer vanilla cake as per the birthday boy's request and his mother's dismay.

Mercedes Benz S600 Birthday Cake

Before I agreed to make this 3D cake I scoured Pinterest and YouTube for a tutorial.  Thankfully, I found this fantastic video for a Mercedes Benz Birthday Cake.  Mr T found the specs and printed them off for me.  I didn't do the cake exactly to scale to make sure there was more cake for the guests to enjoy.

First I made the tires so that they could dry out and harden.  Then I made the cake board in the shape of the base similar to the video and covered it in tin foil.

For the cake I made a 9 x 13 vanilla cake.  With that slab I roughly formed the shape of a car with chocolate ganache as the filling.  The ganache worked like a glue to help keep the pieces together.

Once the shaped was formed I covered the entire cake in chocolate ganache and let that set .

The cake was covered in black fondant.  Then I outlined all the windows and doors as per the specs.  Added the mirrors, door handles and antenna.  Using the clay extruder I made the grey outline for the tires, lights, front gri…

Myra and Doug's Wedding Cake

I've known the bride and her daughter since I was 5 years old.  So, I was extremely honoured to be asked to make this cake for Myra and Doug.  We decided on a three tiered cake with buttercream icing to cover the cake.

I was off last week on vacation so I was able to spend all day yesterday taking my time to make the roses out of fondant.  Miss E was home with me and watched some episodes of Friends and Uncle Buck.  It was lots of fun and so nice not to rush.

For the roses the first few layers were slightly darker than the outer layers to give some depth to make them more realistic.

The bottom tier was fake.  It was a 10" round 4" high styrofoam dummy.  To make the ruffled affect I used a piping bag and rose tip and piped it on haphazardly around the dummy.  I did this tier last once the cake was put together to cover up the edge of the 2nd tier.

On the top tier I placed the roses with some extra icing to prevent them from moving around.  I put them as close together as…