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Janice's Birthday Cake

I was very excited to make this cake for Janice's birthday, Mr. T's cousin.  Her mom called me over a month ago to ask me to make it.  The request was for red velvet; colours; black, white and red; she likes shoes and shopping.

I found another recipe to try out at So far it was the easiest to put together. I still am not a fan of this flavour so it is really hard for me to judge a good recipe.  However, the birthday loved it and so did the guests.  Hopefully, it was okay.  Mr. T is not a fan either so he was of no help!

I've used the shoes several times before on previous cakes.  It's no nice when I don't have to go surfing to find pictures for a cake when they are already in my library.  Saves a lot time.  For the shopping bags/purses I just cut them out free hand and rolled out the red handles.  There's over a hundred flowers decorating the cake.  Some are strategically placed to cover up some flaws.

Spider Pig Simpson Donut

For this cake the birthday girl loves the Spider Pig Song (to the the tune of Spider Man theme song) from the Simpsons Movie.  The request was to add Spider Pig to the donut cake.  I made it exactly the same way that I did Mr. T's birthday, except this time for the "sprinkles" rather than cutting them free hand I used the "I" from a letter set.  Much easier to get uniform sprinkles.

Easter 2012

I was planning on doing an Easter egg shaped cake for our family dinner at my parents' house, but I saw on Pinterest chocolate cupcakes baked with a full size Cadbury Cream egg inside.  Then I found cupcakes with a Lindor White Chocolate truffle inside and decided to go with these instead.

For the chocolate cupcakes (I can't find the link to the original picture) I froze the Cadbury Cream eggs overnight first, placed an egg in each cup and poured the batter over top.  The eggs were cheapest at the Dollarama.  $0.69 each versus $0.89 at the grocery stores and the 3 pack was $2.99?!

For the vanilla cupcakes I baked them first then as soon as they came out of the oven snipped an "X" on the top of each one and inserted a truffle.  Of course I could only find these truffles at Shoppers for $7.99 for 12.

Both were iced with butter cream icing flavoured with almond extract.  Topped with a few Easter chocolate eggs.