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Rainbow Cupcakes

Today was Miss E's school fun fair.  I volunteered to do face painting and to donate cupcakes for the bake sale.  Miss E chose what she wanted me to do.

You would think that this would be easy to do.  Take a piece of rainbow sour belt (from Bulk Barn), stick it in icing and place mini marshmallows around.  Let me tell you, it is tedious work.  The sour belts were so fresh so they didn't want to stay in the arc position.  The marshmallows I had to cut in half as they were too big.  Each cupcake got 7 pieces for each side.  This helped to keep the rainbows from flattening out.  Miss E was thrilled with the results, which is what counts.  All the cupcakes were sold.

Lemon Blueberry Cupcakes

This being Mother's Day weekend I made this combination because I know both my mom and mother-in-law like it.  The cupcakes were served up on Friday with my mom's side of the family and will be tomorrow for brunch with Mr. T's family.  Lemon blueberry with cream cheese icing is a wonderful combination.  Really, any vessel for cream cheese icing is just awesome.