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Black Dog Rescue Cake

I was asked to make a cake for the volunteer appreciation dinner for Black Dog Rescue.  I decided on Cookies & Cream for this 10" two layer cake.

As the name of the organization is Black Dog Rescue I went with doing black silhouettes of different dogs then adding paw prints in different colours.

I did seven different dogs around the cake.  My favourite is the scruffy dog above the logo.

Elisabeth's Ice Cream Cake

For Miss E's 11th birthday she asked for an ice cream cake and a sleepover party.  Again we are celebrating her birthday late, but this time only a month later.  The sleepover was a great success and so was the cake.

I made one layer of chocolate cake in an 8" round pan and sliced it in half.  I lined the pan with cellophane wrap and place one of half of the cake back in the pan.  I softened a litre of vanilla ice cream and mixed in chopped up Oreo cookies and Skor bits then spread it over the cake.  I placed the second half over the ice cream and covered in cellophane.  The cake was kept in the freezer until we were about to serve it.

When we were ready to serve the cake I covered it in chocolate ganache, whipped cream and Oreo cookies.  Miss E loved her cake!

Mike's Hard Lemonade Cake

For this cake the request was for a Mike's Hard Lemonade theme and the flavour chocolate mint.

First I made the logo along with some "lemon" wedges.  The wedges helped to cover some mishaps with the black fondant!

To make this cake I made three 8" round layers of chocolate chocolate chip mint cake.  I then cut each layer in half and stacked them on their sides to make a half can.  In between the layers I filled it with mint buttercream icing.  I had just enough black fondant to cover this cake thankfully.

I finished off the ends by painting them silver.  Then I splattered the cake with clear piping gel to make it look like the can was "sweating".