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Noah's Minecraft Cake

Noah is the first of the Scarborough gang to turn 10.  I can't believe they are entering their 2nd decade.  For this momentous first two digit birthday his request was Minecraft.  Miss E thought that was really cool as she has finally joined this bandwagon.

In theory you'd think that doing a Minecraft cake would be easy to do.  It's just squares.  A lot of squares; 469 to be exact.  Fortunately I have little square plunger cutters that make it a lot easier to do.  Cutting these with a ruler and pizza cutter would not have been pretty for the Type A side of me.

I made a 2 layer 8" vanilla cake with vanilla butter cream as per the birthday boy's request.  Covered it in blue fondant for the sky.

If you look closely the front says NOAH in black blocks.  The TNT is Miss E's favourite part of the cake.  Should I be worried?  I still don't quite get this game.

Originally I had planned to do three rows of tiles around the base of the cake but then I wouldn't …

Run For the Cure Bake Sale #6: Lemon Bars

We're coming to the end of this year's campaign for RFTC.  As much fun as it is, I am tired of all the baking!  Only one more bake sale to go after this.  This week I went with lemon bars as requested by one of my colleagues.

Luckily we had enough eggs and lemons at home as I didn't realise how many would be required until I got home.  I made a double batch which meant 12 eggs and 12 lemons went into it.  I didn't have enough sugar so Mr. T went down the convenience store to get me some.  That convenience store has saved me so many times.

I wrapped these up individually and topped them with a pink butterfly sticker and wrote thanks on them.  The inside pieces do not travel so well, they got a little squished on the subway ride down.  Next time I would put them in a container before I put them into a cooler back, but they still managed to sell.

This was my first time make lemon bars and they are so good.  Reminds of after church gatherings with church sandwiches and ba…

80th Birthday Cake and Cupcakes

For this 80th birthday I was asked to make 6" cake and 8 dozen cupcakes.  I was told that the birthday girl liked flowers so that's what I went with for the decorating.

I absolutely love how this cake turned out.  It was a two layer 6" cookies n' cream (this time I didn't forget any ingredients!) cake.  I covered it in pale blue fondant, with soft pink and white flowers.  I made a large three layer rose the night before with some leaves so they would have enough time to dry out.  For "80", I cut out two of each number out so I could hide the cocktail stick between the two layers.  I had just enough of the soft pink ribbon to go around the bottom of the cake to finish it off.

Now, for the cupcakes I did raspberry cupcake with raspberry mascarpone icing, lemon cupcake with lemon cream cheese icing, caramel cupcake with salted caramel icing topped with caramel sauce and cookies n' cream cupcake with buttercream icing.  Two dozen of each went to the par…

Scooby Doo Cake for Keaton

Keaton's choice for cake this year was Scooby Doo.  Originally it was going to be chocolate but then he decided he didn't like chocolate.  So we went with Cookies n' Cream instead.

Instead of a 10" cake I did an 8" and 6" so I could have two tiers.  The bottom tier is the colour of the Mystery Machine with a big Scooby paw print.  The top tier I did to be like Scooby Doo including the dog tag.  Topped it off with a K for Keaton in orange, his favourite colour.

When I baked the cakes and they came out of the over I couldn't figure out why it looked so dry and so different from how it normally looks right out of the oven.  It wasn't until we were eating the cake that I realised I hadn't added the butter!  Yikes!  It was definitely too dry but the broken up Oreo cookies helped to mask it.  The birthday boy was happy thankfully.  At least it wasn't a complete bust.  It definitely pays to get all of the ingredients ready and lined up first.

Storm Trooper Cake for Owen

For my friends' kids' birthday parties rather than buying a gift I love to be able to make their birthday cake.  It's so much fun.  Owen's theme was to be Star Wars, which is awesome.  So I went with the Storm Trooper and Star Wars writing for his name.

This was an 8" two later chocolate cake with mocha filling.  The mocha filling did not go over well with the birthday boy but he did like the decoration.  I'll know better for next time!

I was so glad I went with the Storm Trooper because Lindsay, Owen's mom brought a life size foil balloon of one to the party.  He was a big hit.

Of course we had to get a picture of Miss E with the "Storm Trooper".

Run For the Cure Bake Sale #5: Fantastic Fudge Brownies

I went to make these brownies and realised I didn't have the recipe.  I thought my mom had written it in the recipe book she had given me but nope.  I grew up with this recipe and they are so good.  Fortunately, my mom was home when I called and asked her to send me the recipe.  She was running out the door and didn't have time to read it out to me.  I then reminded her that all she had to do was take a picture of it and send it to me on my phone.  Sometimes, technology is really amazing!

I made a double batch of brownies and wrapped them up individually.  We didn't sell out this time so I had Mr. T. take the remaining to his work and they sold like wildfire.  They asked when he was going to bring in more.  You just never know how a sale is going to go.