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Unicorn Cake

I was super excited to do this unicorn cake as I have seen it all over YouTube and Pinterest.  I know Kendall isn't a big fan of fondant so I covered it in white butter cream.  I still can't get it as smooth as I'd like. *sigh*

The horn, ears and eyes were made from fondant.  For the unicorn's main I added the multicolour of icing and piped it out in rosettes.  The cake itself was an 8" two layer cookies and cream with buttercream filling.

Mermaid Cake

I had so much fun doing this cake for Brooklyn as her birthday present.  This was an 8" and 6" tiered chocolate cake with buttercream filling.  For the mermaid tail I cut it out the day before so it could dry hard and not have to worry about it breaking.

I made some sea weed out of purple fondant by wrapping it around a pencil.  All of the sea shells were made with fondant using press molds.

Added some coloured dragees for extra bling! I used the leaf tip to make the lime sea weed.

Birthday girl loved her cake!  Happy Birthday Brook! :)

Carrot Cake with Flowers

I made this cake for my friend's mom's 70th birthday.  Carrot cake is her favourite.  This was a 3 layer 8 inch carrot cake with cream cheese icing.  I added the buttercream flowers on top to finish off the cake.

Paw Patrol Cake

Now that Miss E is almost 12 she is a little old for Paw Patrol so I had to do my own research on the show to figure out who Skye was!

This was a 9 x 13 two layer cookies and cream cake.  Decorated in vanilla buttercream with the shell tip to outline in purple.  

The rest of the decorations were done with fondant.  Love doing the little paws by cutting out hearts and little circles.

This was the first of three cakes this weekend!  Good thing we have Monday off as I will be doing nothing!

Mother's Day Blueberry Lemon Cake

For Mother's Day I made my mom one of her favourite cakes.  Really I think it's a vessel to the cream cheese icing.  This was a 3 layer 8" cake covered in cream cheese icing.  I added blueberries around the bottom as trim and some on top with some lemon zest.

We had dinner at my brother's house.  It was delicious!  We then played a board game which was hilarious.  A great way to spend a Saturday evening with the family.

Poop Emoji Cupcakes

It's fun fair time again for Miss E's school.  We always donate a couple dozen cupcakes for the bake sale.  This year Miss E chose poop emoji cupcakes.

The kids loved them and they were super easy to make.  Half circles for the mouth and eyes.  Ta da!

Emoji Cupcakes using Tappits

I bought some Tappits a while ago and then forgot about them.  For this cupcake order I decided to try them out.  They are so much fun.

The cupcakes were red velvet with cream cheese icing.

Logan's Emoji Cupcakes

Logan again requested emoji cupcakes for his birthday to take to school.  Always fun to make and to find a new emoji to add to my repertoire. Of course Miss E schools me in what they mean.  The X X for eyes apparently means death.

These were chocolate cupcakes with vanilla icing under the fondant disks.