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Onesie Baby Shower Cupcake Cake

I've been making more cupcake cakes and am definitely learning how to better decorate them each time so it's not so frustrating!  First you need double the icing than what you would normally need for 3 dozen cupcakes.  Then, add a dob of icing to the bottom of each cupcake to act as glue to keep it from moving on the board.  They key, once all the cupcakes are "glued" on the board and in the desired shape, is to refrigerate them for about 15-20 minutes to harden the glue.  If you don't do this it will be very difficult to cover the cupcakes in icing without them moving around!

The cupcakes were a combination of vanilla and chocolate.  Originally, Welcome Sebastian was in dark blue but it was hard to read so at the last minute I added a 2nd layer of letters in white and offsite slightly to give a shadow effect which made it look much better.

Mr. T and I delivered it to Bowmanville and then headed off to visit my parents.