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Teacher Retirement Cake

I was excited to ask to make this cake for Michelle's retirement.  I remember when she first came to the school where my parents taught.  That was a a few years ago!

This cake is a 9 x 13 two layer chocolate cake with chocolate fudge filling.  Michelle is an avid volley ball player which is why it is on the front of the cake.  Otherwise I decorated the cake it in a classic teacher theme with chalk board and apples.

Congratulations Michelle!

Heidi and Axel's Wedding Cake

I was very excited to be asked to Heidi and Axel's wedding cake for their Canadian celebration.  They were married several months ago in Germany and are now having a reception here in Canada.

For the wedding cake the bottom tier is a 10" two layer chocolate cake with chocolate fudge filling; the middle (8") amd top tier (6") are both pumpkin spice with cream cheese filling.  Each tier is covered in fondant and then wrapped the turquoise ribbon around each tier.  On her way home from the airport late Wednesday evening she dropped off the ribbon.  With all the construction going on in our parking lot we had to meet at the back where it was poorly lit; it looked like some deal was going down.  Ha!

For the decorations I made these butterflies in purple and turquoise. 

To finish off the cake the florist left some orchids for me to decorate the cake at the reception hall.  I brought with me a small set of LED lights to go under the cake.

As the bride can't have gluten…

Rugby Birthday Cake

I love getting to do a cake for this family's milestones!  This time is for a 40th birthday and the theme is rugby. 

This cake is the first of three for this weekend.  Thankfully I have two amazing helpers with Mr. T and Miss. E. so I'm not up to the wee hours of the night! 

This is a 9 x 13 two layer lemon cake with cream cheese filling.  The family's favourite flavour. :)  For the lines on the field I used my clay extruder and it went quite fast.  I have no idea what the lines mean though.  For the 0 in 40 I turned it into a rugby ball, which I had to look up.  For the goal posts I used popsicle sticks.

Thanksgiving Flower Cake Using Russian Tips

Every once in a while I will do a cake with full multi colour butter cream decoration.  For my family's Thanksgiving dinner I volunteered to make a dessert.  I made an 8" three layer pumpkin spice cake with cream cheese filling. 

After baking the cake the most tedious task is preparing all the icing to do the decorating.

Russian tips are not as easy as they look.  For some tips the icing has to be the right consistency and temperature or they come out like blobs.  I learned this the hard way.  Once you do get the right consistency you have a small window get out as many flowers as you can before they come out as blobs again!

Definitely take the time to practice as each tip works differently.  In the end I was pleasantly surprised with how it turned out.

Regardless the cake was yummy and was shared with family.

Shopkins Apple Blossom Cake

For the little sister Sofie another Shopkins cake.  This was is a 6" three layer pumpkin spice cake with cream cheese filling.

My favourite part of this cake is the little worm.  To keep him upright I used a piece of dry spaghetti.  I did the same with the stem of the apple.

Shopkins Queenie Cupcake Cake

I always look forward to seeing what cakes I get to make for these two sisters each year.  This year's theme is Shopkins.  Miss E was into Shopkins a few years ago but I had no idea they had names.

Chloe's cake is a 6" three layer cookies and cream cake with butter cream filling.  To make the confetti and eyelashes I used the letter "I" from an alphabet set. I think my favourite part is Queenie's nose. :)