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Super Mario Cake

Elisabeth loves Super Mario, especially Yoshi, so her request for her 5th birthday cake was of course Super Mario.  She also requested that the cake have a chocolate, vanilla and strawberry layer which made the cake almost 6 inches tall.

Rather than attempt to make all the figurines that would only get eaten I decided to buy them which was a lot less stressful!

Cake: Perfect Chocolate Cake and Wilton Basic White recipes
Filling: Caramel Frosting

Kim's Sweet 16

This cake was for my cousin who just turned 16. I used her favourite colours.  The purple fondant was not my friend.  It was a little too dry and not fun to work with which is why there are a lot of black stars covering up the near disaster.  The black on the other hand was awesome to work with.  It's the pre-dyed Virgin Ice brand.

Cake: chocolate and basic yellow cake
Filling: Carmel icing

KB + GC Heart Cake

I made this cake as request from my brother's girlfriend for their 1st anniversary.  Originally we didn't plan on using fondant but the icing that I made did not want to stick to the cake.  It was insane.  That has never happened to me before.  So, after scraping off as much icing as I could I was left with a half decent crumb coat.  Fortunately I had more than enough chocolate fondant on hand and it turned out way better than the original plan.

Happy Anniversary K and G! :)