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Showing posts from February, 2016

Doughnut Cake for Bobby

My coworker, Gina asked me to make this cake for a relative.  I haven't done a doughnut cake in a while.  They are so much fun to do.

I tinted the butter cream to look like a plain doughnut.  The sprinkles I made using the letter "I" from a cutter set.

Mr T was kind enough to deliver it out to the west end with me as our Valentine's Day date and as a reward picked himself up a Slurpee on the way home.

Acoustic Guitar Cake for Todd

This was a fun cake to do.  I'm learning more about painting with the gel dyes.  Adding the clear alcohol makes a huge difference.  It dries really fast which is great.

For the strings this time I used quilting thread.  One day I will figure out how to get them to stay taut.

I also used some black dye and alcohol to cover the cake to give it a sheen.  I really like how the wood grain turned out on the guitar.  Even the drop of "paint" that fell on it I was able to make it look like a knot.