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Scrabble Cake

This 8 x 8 square cake was perfect fit for actual size Scrabble lettering to fit Happy Birthday.  I was able to use my Scrabble board to do the impression on the fondant board.  I just added the extra point squares with thin fondant squares.  The writing was done with edible black marker.

The cake was for my friend Mary for her dad's 80th birthday celebration.  I think I'm going to have to do a similar cake for my Grandma Joyce's birthday next month!

Cake: Carrot Cake
Filling: Cream cheese icing

Harley Davidson Tire Cake

I made this cake for my co-worker's husband.  He loves Harley Davidson so I scooped the idea of the tire from browsing through pictures on the web.  VERY easy to do.  I rolled out black fondant and cut it to the height and circumference of the cake. To make the impressions of the tire tread I used a tooth pick. Once that was done I wrapped it around the cake.  The sides were iced with chocolate icing underneath and plain buttercream on top.