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Classic Teddy Bear Cake

I was asked to replicate a cake from 20+ years ago but I was pretty sure the Wilton cake pan was no longer available.  Then I found it at the Bulk Barn and decided to buy it.  I've never done a cake like this before though I had them for some of my birthdays growing up and thought it was pretty awesome.

I went online to see what recipes worked best for this pan and every recipe used a boxed mix so I was not going to mess with success on this. After the cake finished baking I left the cake out over night to cool.

The pan is slightly different from the original.  The paws of the original were more visible but you can't even see them with the new one so I just left them all pink.  There is a lot of surface area to cover with the start tip in icing.  It took a lot longer than I imagined.  

Turns out that the original cake that I was replicating was made by the same woman who made our cakes when we were kids.  She was also our sometimes before and after school babysitter.  She did …

Electric Guitar for Steve's 40th Birthday

1976 was an awesome year!  I know lots of people hitting the big one this year; myself and Mr. T included.  Doing a 40th birthday cake for anyone this year will be extra special.  

For the electric guitar I was sent a picture of Steve's guitar to emulate.  Everything was edible except the guitar strings.  There was no way I was going to try and figure out how to put fondant on straight thin enough to pass as string.  Instead I just used silver paper.

This was a 2 layer 9 x 13 red velvet cake.  Putting this one together was rather stressful!  I made the guitar and the lettering in advance.  I dusted the lettering with some gold dust to give it an ombre effect.  When I went to grab my new container of black fondant I opened it up and it was really hard.  I tried to kneed it to soften it up but it was filled with lumpy dried up bits.  Thankfully, I had plently of white fondant but did not relish the idea of having to dye it black.  

Dying the fondant set me back about half an hour.  …

Minnie Mouse Cake

One of my co-worker's neighbour asked me to make this cake for her daughter's 3rd birthday.  I was not going to do any baking for the month of January, but that resolve went out the window.  I did get a couple weeks off for a break.

This was an 8" two layer vanilla cake with buttercream filling.  Mr T was kind enough to deliver it to Thornhill for me.  Though GPS first lead him to the wrong address in Mississauga! Poor guy did a lot of driving this evening.