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Baptism Cookies

I got to do another collaboration with Krumbs for these cookies.  Krumbs made the cookies and I decorated them with some help with the flooding.  It is very timing consuming.  All the videos on the internet make it look so easy; of course it doesn't help that the video is sped up.

For the round cookies the "A"s were made out of fondant and placed on the set icing with a bit of water as glue.  I added the white dragees before the icing set.  For the crosses I couldn't find my clay extruder so I got to roll out the fondant by hand as thin and even as I possibly could.  To finish off the the decorating I added a rosette of pink dragees.  So sweet.

Valentine Cupcakes

Miss E wanted to bring cupcakes as her Valentine cards for her class.  So we did up a batch of cookies and cream cupcakes with butter cream icing.  I pulled out all my pink and red sprinkles and candy hearts to decorate them with.

After I piped on the icing Miss E decorated all the cupcakes.  She had quite fun having free reign. :)

Pokemon Cake for Tyler

For this cake I made a 2 layer chocolate cake with butter cream filling. I had leftover icing from Tyler's sister's My Little Pony cake so I used it for the filling as an extra surprise.

I added a band of ribbon around the bottom.  The ribbon is so much easier than trying to get a band of fondant around and perfectly straight.  :)

My Little Pony Pull Apart Cupcake Cake

For this "cake" I made two dozen vanilla cupcakes and arranged them on the cake board in the shape of the rainbow and clouds.  To make sure the cupcakes didn't move I added a dab of icing on the bottom of each cupcake.

It's not that often that I get to dye icing, or six different colours at once.  You can get a really good bicep workout,

Miss E was kind enough to lend her figurines as models for the picture.  The clouds piped out perfectly.  The rainbow was a little more difficult.  Next time I would put a base coat on the cupcakes to help keep the top coat more level and easier to pipe over.

Tiramisu Cupcakes for the Big Boss

Today was our senior director's boss.  One of his favourite desserts is Tiramisu.  Not one of my favourites but I found an interesting recipe on Pinterest for Tiramisu Cupcakes and thought I would give it a go. The link has all the step by step instructions along with the pretty pictures to go with it.

There was a lot of steps involved but they were actually fun to make. Inside there is some Kahlua and the custard topped with the mascarpone cheese buttercream icing.  Topped with a dusting of cocoa and a chocolate covered coffee bean.

They were actually pretty good if I do say so myself!