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Snowflake II

This is my 2nd time making this design.  It is certainly much easier and less stressfull doing a repeat design!  This time it was a 2 tiered 10" cake.  Not as many snowflakes this time so I was able to make it more symetrical *grin*.  I love my snowflake cutters!  I made this for a co-worker for a Christmas dinner.

Cake: Cookies and Cream Filling: Buttercream Icing - green

Xbox 360 Kinect

This cake was for a co-worker's son's birthday.  It was my first cake that I've shaped.  Though cutting out two triangles wasn't as difficult as I thought it would be. I tried to add a few details to make it look as realistic as possible.  The yellow star is covering a flaw in the fondant that I didn't notice until the fondant was on the cake.  The yellow star is from the Star Trek cake. *grin*

Cake: Versatile Vanilla Cake Filling: Buttercream Icing - green

Live Long and Prosper

The birthday boy is a big fan of Star Trek and in particular Captain Kirk.  The idea for this cake came from browsing the web and found a Dr. Spock cake that was similar.  Basic yellow fondant, apparently not the exact colour of Captain Kirk's shirt according to hubby, a black triangle for the collar and free hand for the emblem.  I did use a star cutter for the centre though.  The cake was a hit!

Lesson learned:  There is no replacement for butter.  I tried just using shortening and butter flavouring as I learned in my course, instead of butter because it can alter the colour.  Ha!  It is definitely not the same.

Cake: Perfect Chocolate Cake recipe
Filling: Buttercream Icing

A martini with a tiara, please!

So, this was my first (and possibly last) attempt at a tiara.  I thought it would be really easy to do, but you have to work really fast with pure gumpaste as it dries out fast.  A few bandaids and a few swear words later I got it done. :)  Also my first time using royal icing, which was super easy to work with and is a great edible glue.

This cake is for a co-worker's sister.  The tiara was a special request. Enjoy!

Cake:  Versatile Vanilla Cake Recipe Filling: Buttercream Icing


I bought these really cool snowflake cutters from Flour Confections.  They are so much fun and so easy to use.  For this cake I bought the pre-dyed red fondant.  I don't think that there is enough dye to get fondant that red.  This cake was for one of my brother's very good friend's 40 birthday.  There's one snowflake for each year.  Thinking about it now, I probably should have put an extra one on for good luck. :)

Cake: Cookies and Cream
Filling: Red buttercream