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Run For the Cure Pink Velvet Cupcakes

Today was bake sale day and we wanted to do something extra special.  I made 6 dozen pink velvet cupcakes with cream cheese icing.  As a special surprise I put a Hershey's hug in the bottom of each one.

I cut out 72 large daisies, 72 medium daisies and 72 black centres two nights before so they could harden.  Mr. T and Miss. E were kind enough to drive me downtown last night to drop them off so I wouldn't have to lug them on the subway.  I would go by myself but there is no where to park.  Mr. T doesn't mind doing the drive when there is no traffic.  We were able to get there and back in less time then it takes for me to commute in the morning.  GRR!!

We have a fabulous floor and partners willing to support the cause every week.  I bought these great clear containers from Creative Bag in Pickering for individual take-away containers.  Another big hit with packaging.

Run For the Cure Brownies

This year my coworker, Clover (maker of the amazing fudge) and I are champions for our team to do fundraising for CIBC's Run For the Cure.  Almost every Thursday since mid July we have been having a bake sale.  A couple of weeks ago we did brownies and fudge.

I made the brownies and Clover the fudge.  She also made the chocolate pink ribbons that are on each brownie.

We like to go all out with the packaging too.  So I made 80+ two inch origami boxes for each piece to go in.  They were a big hit.  I used my mom's recipe that we have been enjoying since we were kids.  I can't imagine using any other recipe.

Superhero Cake for Jaxson

Another special boy turned 4 last month and I was so happy that I was asked to make his cake.  Especially a superhero cake.  I had just purchased some cutters that would be perfect for the cake.  Etsy is an amazing site to shop on.

This three tiered (8, 6, and 4 inch) was all vanilla which I didn't start until almost 10pm the night before.  Mr. T stayed up until almost 2am keeping me company.  At about 3am is when I started to put everything together.  It was awesome to see it come together.  I went to sleep at 4am extremely pleased with the outcome.

The decorating is based on a picture that Meghan had sent me.  
For the Hulk's fist, this was one of the cutters I bought.  I cut out two fists to join them together with toothpicks in between so that I could stick it on the top of the cake.  I made this first, and then with the impression mat pressed it into the cut out to get all the details.  I left this to harden over night.

For Spiderman, with a black edible marker I drew on …

Godzilla Cake for Desmond

Godzilla 2014 is one creepy looking creature.  It amazes me what a 4 year old boy likes.  I know his mom gets great joy (hahaha) out of telling me what her boys want in their cake.  You never know what they are going to pull out of their hat.  Definitely stretches me out of my comfort zone.

I decided on a 9 x 13 cake.  Originally I was going to do a footprint shaped cake but then I realised that I would end up cutting away half of the cake.  Instead I went with footprints through the grass and the cityscape around the border.  Four footprints to represent Desmond turning 4.  Where does the time go?!
Where the boys tend to go wild in their theme, the flavour choice is very disappointing to their mom.  Vanilla.  It's so hard because it's not one that I like or one that Mr. T likes.  I can never tell if the cake turns out okay.  I have issues with trying to steer people away from choosing vanilla, but not with kids, there is no changing a kid's mind once it's made up.

Black, White and Red Wedding Cake

Earlier this summer Mr. T's brother got married and last month they had a celebration BBQ.  I was asked to make the cake.  They wanted it to include music and to be black, white and red.

The bottom tier was chocolate with chocolate filling and the top was vanilla with salted caramel filling.  I found this awesome ribbon and Michael's.  I love that it's white on black.  The music notes really stand out.  To add the red, I bought some silk carnations to make the topper.  All the kids that were there got to take home a carnation, including Miss. E.

Sweet & Salty Peanut Butter Mousse Torte

I'm catching up on some posts. This cake was for my brother's birthday celebration at the end of July.  I almost forgot about it.  My brother loves Reese's Peanut Butter cups so I thought this recipe would be awesome for him.  I found the recipe here.

The mousse torte was amazing.  However, I do not recommend traveling for almost an hour, then stopping for a family dinner for another hour and then heading to your parents house with the dessert in the trunk (even if it's in a cooler).  The torte had unset and kind of flopped when you cut into it.  Next time, I'm going to freeze it and serve it as a frozen dessert, then I won't have to worry about it flopping.