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School's Out For Summer!

Miss E's day care, or what she calls English school had an end of year celebration yesterday.  It was so much fun.  I love seeing all the kids that are really like family to Miss E.  They all get along so well and look out for each other.  We are so blessed with our day care family.

The kids and teachers love chocolate so I made a couple dozen large and mini cupcakes for the celebration.  The chocolate iced mini cupcakes had a mishap in the morning and I had no time to redecorate them so I covered up the mess with a flowers that were left over from the wedding cake I made.  At least Willow, the kitten, hadn't eaten them up over night.  Fortunately she can't jump on the counters, yet.  However, I did catch licking the icing.  Even Mr. T and Miss E know better and wait for an offer to lick a spoon, beater or bowl!

The day care had a fabulous woman who did a magic show and face painting.  I think I might have to hire her for Miss E's birthday party! 

Wedding Celebration

The lone male in our team at work is getting married next month in Macedonia.  So his boss and coworker organised a surprise get together for the floor. Tom is a BIG fan of my Oreo cupcakes so the flavour for both tiers was Oreo cookies and cream.  The flowers were to match the decorations.

I LOVE how this cake turned out.  It's so sweet.  I cut out a bunch of flowers in two different sizes and placed them randomly around.  Though I've mentioned that the humidity is killer on fondant, I will say it does make it a much easier and more efficient process for adding decorations.  I don't need to dot the backs of the flowers with water, they stick on their own.

Tom was very surprised by everything.  He thought he could get out quietly but our floor loves any excuse for a celebration! 

We have a new kitten that thinks she's a dog; she'll eat anything.  I've never had to worry with our older cat, Jade, when baking she's never gone near it.  Willow on the other ha…

Moms Birthday/Father's Day Celebration

Mr. T's mom and my mom share the same birthday and it falls very close to Father's Day.  Ever few years it falls on the same day.  Needless to say we are very busy celebrating on this weekend.  This year we (my brother, me and Mr. T) had a BBQ with all of our parents in Bowmanville. Of course I volunteered to make the dessert.

Surprise, the inspiration came from Pinterest. I would love to know where you can get slivered almonds with the skin still on them.  I toasted the silvered almonds, slightly too long to get the "petals" a bit darker for definition but I really like them better the other way.  Oh well!

The cake was really made for our moms.  The steaks were for the dads!  I doubled the recipe for the Melt in Your Mouth Blueberry Cake and covered it in cream cheese almond flavoured icing.  It was really good.  The cake would be fine on it's own without icing, but it wouldn't be a birthday cake!

My First Wedding Cake

I was asked to make this cake a couple a months ago for the wedding of a friend's co-worker.  The cake was to feed 150 people.  So we went with a 3 tiered cake; 10", 8" and 6".  I don't like doing anything bigger.  M9889ostly because I find if it's any bigger it will dry out getting the centre to bake.  To feed 150 people even with wedding size pieces (1" x 2") the 3 tiers wouldn't be enough.  So, I added two 10" square slab cakes.

The reception is in the west end of the city and the cake needed to be delivered for 3pm I decided to take a vacation day to do the cake.  Wednesday in the elevator coming home there was a notice that the air conditioning would be turned off from 6am to 2pm today.  Humidity and fondant are not friends.  Thursday afternoon I was getting a little nervous so I decided to write out a schedule; in 30 minute increments.

I took the cake in pieces and put it together at the banquet hall.  I took a little emergency kit …