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Sailor Moon Cake

I was asked to make this vanilla cake for Liz's birthday and was pretty much given carte blanche.  I knew she liked cats and Sailor Moon.  When I saw that there was a cat in Sailor Moon I had figured out the theme for the cake.

The cake is covered in vanilla buttercream.  I used fondant for all the decorations.

Happy Birthday Liz!

Minnie Mouse Cupcake Cake

I'm really not a fan of doing cupcake cakes, but when I do get a request I'm always surprised on how they turn out.  Better than I hoped!  Ha. 

For this "cake" it took 36 vanilla cupcakes.  I arranged them on a 14" x 14" cake board and once I was satisfied with the placement I added a drop of icing to the bottom of each one to ensure they didn't move around in transportation. 

If I were to do this cake again I would use a different piping tip and smooth out the icing.  It was really hard to get smooth lines for the eyes, nose and both.  From afar, it's not too bad; just don't zoom in on it to close!

Toronto Maple Leaf Cake

For this cake Tyler's mom gave me a picture of what he wanted and I replicated it best I could.  I think as a Canadian we all aspire to one day to be able to draw the maple leaf free hand; that day has not come for me.  I can trace it though!

This was an 8" two layer vanilla cake covered in buttercream icing.  Any imperfections on smoothing out the icing I covered with a star or a maple leaf. :)

Baby Shower Button Cupcakes

For this baby shower I made 2 dozen vanilla and 2 dozen chocolate cupcakes.  All decorated with buttercream icing with some dragees and fondant buttons.

Even in February the cupcakes were still super moist and coming away from the liner.  Not a bad thing but for presentation it doesn't look as nice.