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Cut the Rope Cake for Miss E's Belated 8th Birthday Bash

Miss E's birthday is actually October 12th.  Given that October was a CRAZY month for us we moved out celebrating her party to this weekend.  She went back and forth on what she wanted for her cake.  She finally decided on a Cut the Rope Cake.

I was able to order online a cake kit that included Om-Nom (the funny green guy), a candy ring and the Cut the Rope sign.  This saved me a bit of time for sure.  My favourite thing about this cake is the "plate" I used.  I had Mr. T buy a 12" x 12" plain white ceramic tile from RONA for $4.00.  I picked up some felt pads and green ribbon from a Dollarama for an additional $2.00.  Glued the ribbon around the sides of the tile and VOILA, a really nice cake plate for $6.00.  Can't beat that!

The cake was a 10" two layer cookies and cream cake covered in butter cream icing and fondant decorations; all to Miss E's specifications.

Hosting a party for 21 kids is not for the weak!  Even though Mr. T and I super exh…

Catherine's Little Mermaid Cake

For Catherine's cake I made an 8" inch two layer chocolate cake with salted caramel filling.  Decorated with a Little Mermaid theme.

I used Wilton's Sea Life Fondant and Gumpaste mold to make the decorations around the cake.  You definitely need to use a bit of oil or non-stick spray on the mold otherwise you will get very angry and waste a lot time trying to get the fondant out of the mold. When used it's amazing how much more pleasant it can be.  It's still time consuming but well worth the effort.

Normally I use FondX fondant but I couldn't get out to Flour Confections this week to get a new tub.  Instead, I went out to the Bulk Barn and bought Virgin Ice fondant.  It is really easy to work with but it cracks so easily when you're covering a cake.  It's really annoying.  I mixed the white with some different shades of blue that I had on hand already but didn't mix all the way through to get the water effect.
Mr. T delivered the cake for me.  He …

Toronto Maple Leafs Jersey Cake

For Terry's family celebration of his birthday I made 9 x 13 cookies and cream two layer cake.  To make the jersey sleeves for this cake I trimmed off about an inch from a short end and then an inch from the long side so that I was left with an 8 x 12 cake.

On the sides of the arms I added the number 12 for the age he was turning.  I've got to find some smaller upper case letters for cakes like this.  A slightly smaller set would have looked more authentic on the leaf!

Hunger Games Cake

Terry and a bunch of his friends went to see Catching Fire on Friday as part of his birthday celebration.  His mom ordered this cake to have at the restaurant before hand.  The top is the mockingjay pin with fire all around.  This was a two layer chocolate cake with buttercream filling.

The cake went over really well with Terry and the restaurant employees.

Welcome Baby O'Leary Cake

Today's cake was for a baby shower.  They didn't know the sex of the baby so I decorated the cake in pastel colours.  I even went against one of my own rules; never use more than one colour per word.  In hindsight I should have just done the word "BABY" like that to have a better impact.  To read more easily and a better impact with the decoration.  Oh well!  Lesson learned.  I think it still looks cute.

This cake was a 9 x 13 two layer chocolate cake.  I add onesies and bibs around the sides of the cake as well.

Bob's Perfect Chocolate Cake

Last Saturday was my father-in-law's birthday.  He LOVES chocolate.  He loves the Perfect Chocolate Cake.  Whenever I make this cake for Mr. T's family Bob always has two pieces, no matter how big the first one is.  I don't even ask what kind of cake he'd like.  I know.

We met up at The Works on the Danforth.  Another love of Bob's and Mr. T's for that matter, burgers.  So many combinations to choose from.  I've not had the same one twice.  They were very kind in letting us serve the cake at the restaurant.  They waiter even brought it to the table with a candle.  All their burgers are served up in a tray so they don't have plates and that's how the cake was served.