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Halloween Birthday Cake

I have to say this is one of my favourite cakes that I've done to date.  It was request from a family friend for his wife's birthday.  I only rolled out the black fondant to 1/4 inch instead my usual 1/8 which made it a lot easier to place on the cake and to smooth out.  I dusted it with edible shimmer dust. The large pumpkin is from a Pampered Chef set and the smaller pumpkin, ghost, and bat were from a Linzer cookie cutout set I just got for my birthday.  This was my first time using the lettering set that I bought from a really cool cake supply store I discovered in Pickering called Flour Confections.

Candy Corn Cupcakes

Of course I made chocolate cupcakes for E's day care for their pot luck Halloween lunch.  It does make it hard to be able to see the fun cupcake cups I use since the dark batter hides it but you can sort of see that they were orange with bats.  The candy corn gummies I bought at Home sense.

Take A Bow Cake

This was a request from a co-worker for her sister's birthday.  The design is from the Wilton website.  The cake is the Perfect Chocolate Cake recipe.  This was my first time using gumpaste with the fondant to make a stronger bow.  It dries a lot faster than fondant alone which is great for someone like me who's not very good at planning ahead.

Fish Cupcakes

Elisabeth's day care only likes chocolate cupcakes.  At least I can be creative with the icing.  This year I found these sugared fish at the Bulk Barn in 5 different colours which was appropriate since E was turning 5.  Basic butter cream icing tinted blue to look like water.  Apparently the yellow fish were the best and the orange were the least favourite according to E.