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Black Forest Cake

A wedding celebration cake. This was a special request as I've never made a Black Forest cake before.  I did find a really good recipe.  However, the ingredients were not listed in the order that they were needed.  Very annoying!  It's very easy to miss an ingredient and/or not add the right amount.  Regardless, the cake was a hit and I will definitely be making this again.  Next time though, I will use gel to pipe out the saying to avoid any bleeding.

Nemo Cake

This cake was so much fun to make. The Birthday boy's request.  The marble affect, very easy to do. The black outlining, I need to work on that, but it's not bad if I do say so myself.  I made the seaweed using the leaf tip.

Think Pink

I made these for fund-raising for Think Pink Week at work.

Dazzling Dots Cake

The idea for this cake came from the Wilton website.  I love this cake; it's so adorable.  I made it for a very sweet 2 year old girl.  I added sprinkles to the cake batter for some more whimsy.

The Perfect Chocolate Cake

This is a recipe from my mom.  Next to her carrot cake recipe this is my favourite.  It's also my husband's favourite cake which is why I made it for his family BBQ.  I've probably made this cake over 50 times in the last 12 years.  This is probably my favourite way that I've iced the cake, so far.

Happy 60th Birthday Vickie

This the first time I covered a cake completely in chocolate fondant and my first round cake.  A fun cake for a fun woman.

Fun In the Sun

This cake was for a family BBQ.  The idea came from the Wilton website.  The cake is made with the soccer ball pan and the sun rays and glasses are cookies.  Thanks to Lindsay who piped out all the stars on the cake.

Lela's Shower Cake

I helped my friend make this cake for her cousin's shower.  The goal was to mimic a Tiffany box.  I was in charge of the bow.  I should have made this several days in advance because it would not hold up.  Not to mention that it ended up a snack for a Great Dane.  Fortunately my friend had a stroke of genius and added the rose to the centre.

Happy 60th Birthday

My mom is not a fan of fondant or a fan of cakes for that matter.  However, when you're celebrating milestone you have to have cake!  So, purple being on of her favourite colours I decided to decorate it with a purple buttercream almond flavour.  The cake itself was a recipe from the Wilton site also flavoured with almond.  The birthday girl was most pleased.


The little guy that I made this cake for is a super fan of Pablo.  This was the first cake I made after I bought the Wilton fondant rolling pins.  They are amazing!  I am able to roll out perfectly even pieces and save on a lot of waste.  I splurged with my 40% off coupon at Michael's and bought the alphabet cutters.  The sour "belt" candy trim from the Bulk Barn was a big hit.  I will be using that again.

Amanda's Baby Shower Cake

I had so much fun making this cake.  My husband might tell a different story but in the end it was worth all the effort, especially for family.  I made the cake to replicate the decorations.

Stephanie's Shower Cake

My first endeavour with 3D fondant.  The bow turned out really good for my first effort.  Really important to make this several days in advance so that the fondant can harden.

Andrea's Shower Cake

For this cake it was my first time dying the fondant.  It was actually very easy to do and not as messy as I thought since I couldn't find latex gloves to wear.  I also used the premixed chocolate fondant from Duff.  This is crazy expensive.  $30 for a 2lb tub.  Fortunately, I used my 40% off coupon for Michael's so it wasn't so bad.

Spider Man

I wasn't ready to venture into mixing colour into the fondant yet so I bought the super expensive premixed Wilton fondant package at Michael's with my 40% off coupon to use for the red and blue.  The boys loved the cake.

Happy 50th Birthday

This cake was my first endeavour into fondant and tiered cakes.  I was very excited with how it turned out.  The birthday girl loved it which is most important.  I bought pre-made fondant, Virgin Ice from the Bulk Barn.  Half the price of Wilton and much tastier.  It was surprisingly easy to work with.

Pumpkin Cupcakes

Halloween treat for E's day care.  The pumpkin Jujubes I found at HomeSense.  Of course afterward I found them at the Bulk Barn for half the price!

Happy 4th Birthday

E's special request was a Binou cake.  I made a little cake for her.

And for everyone else I made mock sundae cupcakes.  Another idea from Wilton.  The cherries are sour cherries from Wal-Mart, the only place I could find them at.  One of the few things you can't get at the Bulk Barn.

Valentine's Day

The idea for these cupcakes came from the Wilton website.  A very good site for instructions and ideas.

Scooby Doo!

This was a special request from the birthday boys.  This is when I discovered Wilton premixed icing at the Bulk Barn.  Especially for black.  It's so much easier than trying to mix it myself.  The paw prints can hide lots of goofs!  The yellow trim used a whole tube of premixed icing.

The cake was a hit with the boys.

Halloween Cupcakes

These I made for Thanksgiving dessert.  I got this idea off of Very Best Baking.  You pour melted chocolate on to waxed paper and drop candy corn randomly and let dry.  Then you break of pieces to stick in the iced cupcakes.

Cupcake Cake

I made this cake with the large cupcake pan from Wilton.  Caynes came through again.  It was half the price that Michael's was selling it for.  It was for E's 3rd birthday at day care.  I have a habit of making my icing too stiff.  My arms were killing me after all the piping.

Wedding Cake - Wilton Course

I made this cake similar to the top layer of our wedding cake.  My roses were not up to par with the instructor as they were very loose, but I liked them.

Clown Cake - Wilton Course

We were supposed to use Wilton clown heads that were super expensive and rather scary looking.  I opted to use the smiley party candles instead.  Elisabeth liked this cake; not sure I would make these "clowns" anytime soon though.

First Cake - Wilton Course Summer 2008

This is my first cake that I decorated for the Wilton course I took.  It was a 4 week course with Michaels.  The course was less than $20.  However, that quickly exploded into me buying my Kitchen Aid mixer as an early birthday present to myself.  I bought it at Cayne's Super Houseware store.  It's an amazing place on Doncaster just north of Steeles off of Yonge.

After the first night we had to bring an iced cake and supplies.  This was my first time using tips decorate.  The next night I took the cake down to the garden area to share with some neighbours.  This cake was to honour my wonderful neighbour and friend Guida.