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Oldos & Luke's Ombre Wedding Cake

Looking back on doing this cake I implemented a new system on how I prepared for the day.  I started baking at the beginning of the week instead of baking everything in one evening on Thursday.  I was done baking by Wednesday evening.   I even had a hick-up with one of the layers of chocolate and had to redo it.  It just fell apart out of the cake pan.  So sad.

Thursday evening while watching a made for TV Christmas movie I made the large ombre flower.  It was so relaxing to do.  I love how it turned out.

The cake itself consisted of 4 tiers: 12" chocolate with chocolate fudge filling, 10" vanilla with butter cream filling, 8" red velvet with cream cheese filling and a 6" vegan chocolate cake with vegan filling.  The bride is vegan and wanted to be able to take a bite of her wedding cake.  I didn't cover the tier in vegan icing as I was not prepared to test how it would stand or colour against the rest of the cake, which she was good with.  I found this very si…

Princess Cake for Catherine

This cake was fun to make.  I was given a picture to replicate and thankfully the link had a great how to tutorial.

I don't know how I got this effect with my camera on my iPhone.  It was not intentional but I like how the picture turned out.

The bottom tier was 8" chocolate with chocolate fudge filling.  The top tier was 6" cookies and cream with buttercream filling.  I wanted the pink bows to be a darker pink but I could not find my dye and I knew I had a bottle somewhere.  Of course I found it as I was cleaning up.  Grr!  Mr T and I delivered cake to Vaughan only to realise I had forgotten a key element of the cake.

I can't believe I forgot to add Happy Birthday and the 8.  I forgot to make them, not just forgot to add them.  I felt so bad.  I offered up to bring the rest back tomorrow.  I was freaking out inside because I am getting ready for the big wedding cake for tomorrow and had everything timed out.  Fortunately on our way home I got a call saying that we …

Welcome Cake for Twins Charley and Cooper

I was so excited to do a cake and cupcakes for the welcome drop in for these two adorable babies.  Almost as excited as I was to get to meet them in person.  They are so cute!  Though they were sleeping the whole time Miss E and I were there.

This was a 6" 3 layer chocolate cake.  Originally I was going to decorate it very differently but the cake was not cooperating.  The cake was so moist that the crumb coat looked more like cookies and cream icing.  I didn't have enough white fondant to cover it.  It was so frustrating!  I went with this wiggly pattern that covered all the crumb nicely.  The colour theme was pink and blue.

I made 2 dozen chocolate mini cupcakes for Cooper with little feet and a "C" with a star on each.

For Charley, I made 2 dozen vanilla mini cupcakes with little feet and a "C" with a flower on each.

They were so adorable, the cupcakes. :)

Tiffany Blue Zebra Cake

My coworker Clover asked me to make this cake for her friend's birthday.  I can't remember what she originally asked for but she spotted my pink zebra cake and changed her mind.  Of course this was a few days before she needed and I didn't have the right fondant or dyes to make sure I got a true Tiffany Blue colour.  So I sent Mr. T off to the Bulk Barn as I knew they had this colour premade.  For lack of a better term, the fondant sucks!  The texture is so different from FondX and it just doesn't roll out as nicely.  Also, I should have made the bow more than 12 hours in advance, but I didn't have the time. Lesson learned though Madonna, I will not go for second best again. :)

This was a 6" 3 layer chocolate cake with chocolate fudge icing.  Yummy!