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Toilet Paper Roll Birthday Cake

This was a fun cake to do.  At first I really wasn't sure how it would turn out.  In the end I thought it was hilarious.

So, I started off with an 8" two layer square vanilla base tier.  The filling was raspberry mascarpone mousse.  It is so good!  Then I covered it using the grass tip to look like carpet with buttercream icing.  I would have used the filling but I didn't drain out the seeds and they would have clogged up the tip.  It wouldn't have been pretty.  Instead I dyed it to match the filling as close as possible to make pink shag carpet.
For the toilet paper roll I did a 6" 3 layer cake and covered it in fondant.  I added an extra piece of fondant to make it look like the paper was unraveling.  On the top I added a black circle of fondant to look like the empty space from the roll.  Lastly, I took a toothpick and spun the cake around to make the indentations of a "roll" of toilet paper.
The signs I made out of fondant.  In the picture I was sen…

Minion Cupcakes

On Thursday I get a message at work from a coworker asking if I could do an order for this weekend.  I laughed out loud and wrote back that I was already over booked.  Not even for cupcakes, she asks?  Now I'm already doing a gazillion for my Grandma's 90th birthday party on Sunday, so what was adding a few more dozen at this point?  Then she mentioned that it was a Minion theme.  I can't resist doing anything with Minions!  Damn her!  So of course I agreed to do it.  Again, thank goodness I was off on Friday!

This is what I spent most of Friday doing!  34 minion heads, half girls and half boys. At first I was stressed at doing so many little bows; I wasn't sure how i was going to get them all uniform looking.  Then I saw on YouTube to take two hearts and a circle to make a bow.  Ingenious!  

For the birthday boy and girl, I did their own special cupcake.  Even though these took me most of the day, I really had fun doing them.  It was so relaxing.

These vanilla and cho…

Crown Royal Cake

A group of women from my work go to one's cottage for a weekend every year.  This year one was reaching a milestone number and her favourite libation is Crown Royal.

I always go into doing a 3D cake with great apprehension. I am so worried that it's not going to turn out.  It can take a while to get a game plan going but once I do, I am usually good to go.  To make this a true CR cake, I found a chocolate cake recipe that included CR as one of the ingredients.  Of course when I quoted the price for the cake, I did not take into account the cost of Crown Royal.  Oops!  Thankfully, we're not fans of rye and already had a decent sized bottle in our cabinet that would not be missed.  I made a two layer 10" square cake then took a template of the bottle and trimmed off the excess.  This is another reason I'm not a fan of doing 3D cakes as it can leave a lot of excess cake.  For the filling I made a cream cheese icing with some CR added for extra flavour.  It was good!

Maria's Pink and Orange Shower Cake

My coworker Maria asked me to do a cake for her bridal shower.  She knew she wanted a chocolate tier and a key lime tier covered with bright pink and orange flowers.

Flour Confections sell back and pink cake boards now, which is awesome.  I rarely use the silver boards now if I don't have to.  So, I started with a 12" cake board; then a 10" 2 layer chocolate tier and an 8" 2 layer key lime tier.  Each tier is covered in white fondant.  I added 1.5" white ribbon around the base of each tier with a 1/2" pink ribbon on top.  The extra wide white ribbon helped to cover the gap between the two tiers.
For the flowers I cut out circles of various sizes and ruffled the edges.  The "M" topper I made out of fondant a few days in advance to make sure it hardened.  Before it hardened I stuck a couple of toothpicks in the bottom so that it would stand up straight on the top of the cake.  The "M" did crack a little when I put it on.  The one tooth pi…

Satorini Baptism Cake

Maria, a coworker of mine is getting married in the fall and this weekend her fiance was being baptised in the Greek church.  She asked me to do a cake for him in the Greek colours.  

This was an 8" two layer chocolate cake.  Of course it had to have the Greek flag on it too.

For a little extra decoration I saw a cake with Santorini depicted on the top and really wanted to add it to this cake.  I love how it turned out.  Now I really want to go there.  I was playing Yanni's Santorini over and over on YouTube.  Amazing music.

"40th" Birthday Shoe Cake

For this cake I was asked to do a 6" 2 layer vanilla with a dozen cupcakes.  of course it had to be purple, dark purple.  I wasn't messing with trying to dye the fondant and instead bought it predyed.  Makes life so much easier.  

I love doing these shoes on cakes.  They are so much fun.  I surprise myself sometimes on how well these turned out.  Ha!

For the cupcakes I cut out 2 1/2 inch circles and then added a black fondant bow on top.  I had a template for the bows to make sure that they were all the same size and uniform.  
This really wasn't for Day's 40th birthday, it was actually her 49th.  No one ever said we couldn't repeat a birthday!