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Mini Valentine Fudge Brownies

These are for E's day care.  One recipe of Fantastic Fudge Brownies made over 6 dozen mini brownies.  Pretty awesome that you basically get 6 dozen two bite brownies for less than five dollars.  I didn't use cupcake liners, just greased the pan.  Don't use the caramel kisses, they just stick to the bottom of the pan and are nasty to get off.  Fortunately only a dozen were destroyed by using caramel kisses.  For the icing I just used white chocolate chips melted into the icing.  Also added a candy heart to each one.

Fortunately, I am to send Tim with a container to work and a container for me.  It's amazing how much more our co-workers appreciate some home made baked goods.  *grin*

Fudge Brownie Cupcakes with White Chocolate Icing

The inspiration for these cupcakes came from probably my favourite blog that I follow: Confessions of a Cookbook Queen. I love her posts.  Not only does she have great recipes and fabulous pictures to go with them her antidotes are always entertaining and insightful. I want to try every recipe. This was my first pick.

I learned very quickly that it's not easy to replicate this recipe when you live in Canada.  I could find a family size box of brownie mix, so I settled on using my mom's brownie recipe instead and didn't change anything.  I ended up with 22 cupcakes from one recipe.  Then my search for Hershey's Bliss White Chocolate Meltaways became a quest.  I was only able to find a mixed bag with 3 different flavours.  With only 5 white chocolate squares in each bag I really couldn't justify spending all that money to get enough white cholocate squares.  So, I decided to try Lindor White Chocolate Truffles instead.  I only had to go to two stores find these.  I p…