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Halloween Sugar Cookies

Krumbs asked me to decorate some Halloween cookies for them earlier this month and in turn they gave me enough cookies for Miss E's  class and the left over icing.

Even with only having to do the decorating it took me several hours to do 3 dozen!

Owen's Pacman Cake

Owen is one awesome kid and I love doing a cake for him.  This year he asked for a video themed cake that was vanilla with strawberry filling.

I had to go retro with Pacman.  This was an 8" 2 layer cake.  For the filling I cut the strawberries down to all the same size, placed them on the first layer and filled in all the spaces with whipped cream.  I wish I had remembered to take a picture of the cake when it was cut. Oh well!

Andrew and Erin's Wedding Cake

The wedding was at the most beautiful venue; Hernder Estate Wines.  Our ride out the estate was more eventful than I would have liked though!  I have never been so stressed out delivering a cake.

For this cake I made a 2 layer 10" round pumpkin cake with cream cheese filling; a 3 layer 8" round lemon cake with cream cheese filling' a 4 layer 6" round with two layers of pumpkin and two layers of lemon.  The bride and groom are keeping the top tier for future so it has both flavours.  I also made a 10" square slab cake of pumpkin and one of lemon.  I had the cake all ready the night before to ensure it was nice and cold for the drive out to St. Catharines.  As it was covered in buttercream the cake couldn't travel in pieces.  In hindsight I should never have put the cake on the stand until we got to the venue and I should have added a 3 layer to the bottom tier.

This was a family wedding that we were going to and Miss E was going up with my parents which ende…

Jarrod & April's Wedding Cake

This cake was booked over a year ago. I had to go searching for the original paper with the details on it when it came time to make the cake and cupcakes.

Mr T delivered the cake and 8 dozen cupcakes tonight to Krumbs for the wedding tomorrow.  I left a space on the top of the cake so that they could place the cake topper on without hurting any of the flowers.

The bottom tier is actually an 8" Styrofoam dummy.  It was my first time covering a Styrofoam dummy.  It wasn't as easy as I thought it would be.  This made the cake top heavy!  The 6" top tier is a two layer chocolate cake with vanilla buttercream filling.

Congratulations Jarrod and April!

Thanksgiving Desserts

We had two Thanksgiving dinners this weekend.  One at my parents' with my dad's family and one at our place with my mom's family.  For both dinners I made these desserts.

I saw these cookies on a Facebook post from I am Baker; Pumpkin Rose Cookies with a cream cheese filling.  These are very easy to make and very tasty.  They do not come out like a typical cookie.  They are more of a muffin texture than a cookie.  I was able to get 22 sandwiches out of one recipe.  They went over well at both dinners.  I am Baker never disappoints!  She is amazing. :)

The 2nd dessert I made I found on Pinterest from the Domestic Doozie's blog; Apple Fritter Cake.  The most painful part of this recipe was peeling and cutting up the apples.  Otherwise it was easy and really good.

Cookie Monster Cake for Sofie

This cake is for the little sister.  She chose Cookie Monster and pumpkin cake.  Now I'm fully acquainted with Cookie Monster!  He's 50 years old.

I love Cookie Monster and I love how the cookie decorations turned out.  Too cute.  I did Sofie's cake first and realised after that the "street sign" I should have done in a different colour from the cake.  Also, I added the lettering on the sign before I put it on the cake; not a smart idea.  It made it heavy and hard to handle while trying to avoid cracks from happening. Oh well!  Fortunately the stars covered up the worst of it.

Abby Cadabby Cake for Chloe

Chloe is the older sister of the two girls that I get to do their cakes every year.  I think this is my 3rd year doing their cakes.  It's so much fun.  Chloe chose to have a lemon cake decorated with Abby from Sesame Street.  Abby is a new to me character even though she's been around for 13 years.

I got some new letters from Flour Confections called Cake Star Push Easy Cutters and used them for the first time on these cakes.  Going through the new items can be really dangerous.  As soon as I saw these they went in my cart right away!  They are awesome and very easy to use.  Though they do take up a lot of real estate in my baking pantry that I haven't quite figured out how to get everything to fit with these added cutters.

25th Wedding Anniversary Cake

For this cake I did an 8" tier and a 6" tier both in flourless chocolate.  The cake is more like a brownie.  It's really good but not a light dessert!  I haven't ventured passed this recipe for gluten free, mostly because they call for ingredients that I don't normally keep on hand.

Decorating this cake was so much fun.  I love these flowers and I love purple.  I added about an inch of silver beaded ribbon around each tier first, then started with the largest flowers first.  They had their own topper to put on the cake so I added only a few on the top and had them sweep down the front and to the side.  I finished it off with some silver dragees and purple dots.

Toronto Bluejays Birthday Cake

This was my first time doing a Jays cake.  Originally I was going to do the bluejay all in fondant but after the maple leaf it did go so well.  I abandoned that idea and went with painting it on. The red accents were done with edible marker.  I'm forever on a quest to find circle cutters that are larger than 4".  No matter how hard I try I just can't get a clean circle cut out by tracing it. Luckily I had a Tupperware container that was the perfect size for the logo.

This was a 6" chocolate cake.  I love how the little baseballs turned out.  Mr T was kind enough to be my delivery boy for this one.  While I finished up the next cake that was due for pick up in a few hours.