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80th Birthday Hunting Cake

For Brian's birthday cake I made a 2 layer 9 x 13 chocolate cake with chocolate fudge icing.  

Brian is a hunter so I found a silhouette of a deer to cut out in fondant to add to the cake. Mr T thought it would be funny if I added a red nose.  Sometimes he has a sick sense of humour. :)

Unicorn Cupcake Cake

I'm still on the fence about cupcake cakes.  Never sure if I love them or not.  However, they are super practical; especially for serving.  You don't need an knife or plates and forks.

To make the unicorn cupcake cake I used 24 vanilla cupcakes with confetti sprinkles mixed in.  On the 18" x 18" board (good luck finding a box though) before decorating the cupcakes I put a dob of icing on the bottom to glue them to it.  I recommend putting it in the fridge for 10 minutes for the "glue" to set otherwise the cupcakes will slide around when you're trying to spread the icing over the cupcakes.  The ear and horn were made from fondant and painted with edible gold.  I had meant to do another layer of the white icing before adding the mane colours but forgot about that and had also used up all the icing by the time I remembered anyway. 

The cake was a hit at the party which is the best part! :)

Unicorn Cake for Victoria

Unicorn cakes seem to be very popular these days.  They are fun to do.  My arms have been getting a work out mixing all the colours.  I'm definitely not used to that.  However, once everything is all mixed and bagged the decorating goes really quick compared to fondant decorating. 

This cake was a 4 layer 8" cake. The bottom two were chocolate and the top vanilla.  I automatically made a three layer chocolate cake and thankfully when I went to put the cake together I checked my message feed on what age Victoria was going to be.  I then realized I had forgotten that it was going to be 4 layers and half vanilla.  Grr!!! 

No fondant covering on the cake.  Ack!  Getting the butter cream icing super smooth is a never ending battle.  At least the unicorn's mane covered some of the imperfections!  This time for the ears I used a heart cookie cutter which worked out perfectly.

This cake was for the grown up birthday party.  The cake for the kids' party is in the next post.