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Let it Snow Snowman Cake

Miss E's school concert was last night. The parent council did a bake sale and the teachers organised a raffle to raise money for a family going through some hard times.  I donated cupcakes (pictured in a future post) for the bake sale and a cake for the raffle.

I was excited to get to do a Christmas/winter themed cake of my own choosing.  I went with an 8" two layer cookies and cream cake.  I love my snowman.

Miss E was super excited that I was doing a cake for her school.  She was disappointed that we didn't get to take it home though.  Ha!

Andrea's Perfect Chocolate Cake

Yesterday we celebrated Andrea's birthday with the Perfect Chocolate Cake.  Dahlias are her favourite flower so I decided to see if I could make one out of fondant.  There were several tutorials that I found on line, but this was my favourite: how-to-make-sugar-dahlias

I can't imagine doing a large number of these, but it turned out pretty good.  Wasn't as easy as it looked on paper!  However, the birthday girl was impressed.

Alexander's Super Mario Cake

It's unbelievable that Alexander is going to be six years old.  These kids are growing up way too fast.  Even though I was dog tired from Miss E's party yesterday, I got up early to make Alexander's cake for his birthday party.  He's just too cute to disappoint!  His request was for a Super Mario cake as he has discovered playing the classic game.

Again, a cake not covered in fondant as per the request of the birthday boy.  Not a bad thing since I haven't replenished my supply.  This was a 10" chocolate cake.  I am learning if I'm not going to cover a cake in fondant, I have to make it the night before.  The cake really needed more time in the fridge before I covered it in icing because it was so soft and there were so many crumbs.  Made it really hard to get a crisp edge.  
I am so thrilled with how Mario turned out.  The edible black marker makes all the difference.
Miss E said me as we are going into the party that she doesn't bring a present becaus…