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The Flash Cake

I was very excited to be asked to make Jaxson's birthday cake again this year.  This year his request was for The Flash.  Of course I had to look who he was up first.  Then I tried to figure which comic he was from.  The things I learn when making a cake!  I remember my brother having bed sheets with Superman, Batman and Robin, Wonderwoman, and as he reminded me, the Flash too.  All from DC comics.

This was an 8" cake with buttercream filling.  After I finished the cake I thought it looked pretty bland so at the last minute I added his face on the side.

Tardis Cake 2016

I was very excited to be asked to make a Tardis Cake again.  Even with my cousin's wedding last night I was able to squeeze in the time to do the cake. I baked the cake the day before.  I did two 8" square pans of a flourless chocolate cake.  It's very dense and very chocolatey!

First thing in the morning I decorated the board to make it look like space.  It was fun to do but I didn't realise I was out of white dye so I had to wake Mr. T up early to go out to the Bulk Barn for me to get it.

This cake was not as daunting as the first one I made given that I had been through it before.  Also, this one was 8 layers for 4 x 4 squares instead of 6 x 6.  It went together fairly quickly.  The windows were the most tedious to do.

I don't have a fancy printer with edible ink to print on rice paper so I just regular paper and ink for the "Police Public Call Box", the sign and the logo.  These are the only parts that are not edible in the cake.

For more details se…

Zack & Heather's Wedding Cake

It's hard to believe that my "little" cousin Zack got married today. It was a beautiful ceremony and a great reception.  My cousin Alexa and I worked on the cake as a team effort.  She does amazing cake work herself but as a bridesmaid and wedding planner she was a little busy.  She baked the cakes on Thursday and brought them over to my place to put the cake together.

As we were covering the cake only in buttercream we needed to build the cake and ice it all at once.  We wouldn't be able to bring it to the venue in pieces otherwise there would be gaps between the tiers.  The 12" and the 6" tier were both carrot cake with cream cheese filling. The 10" and 8" tier were both a vanilla butter cake with salted caramel filling.  Once put together the cake was so heavy.  We just had to pull out one shelf in our fridge to get it to fit.  I had a panic attack at about 5 in the morning worrying that the shelf wouldn't hold the weight of the cake, but i…

Poker Cake

This cake was for a former coworker's husband and friend.  Her request was poker theme.  This was a cake where the decorations came to me as I built the cake.

First I made all the chips, and the decorations a few nights ago.  It was pretty tedious but easy work while watching Netflix. I made nine of each colour.

I made a 9 x 13 chocolate cake with chocolate filling and covered in black fondant.  It didn't quite reach the edge on the one side which is why there are chips along the bottom of the front.  Rather than hide the mistake at the back I hid it in on the front so the back didn't need to have chips on it as well.

I think the cigar is my favourite.  I rolled out some brown fondant added some white on the end and dotted black edible marker to make it look like the lit end. I painted it darker brow to make it look more realistic.  I did the same with the "wood" around the table.

Hope the birthday boys enjoy their cake!

Winnipeg Jets Cake

This the last of the cakes for this crazy weekend.  A 9 x 13 cake that was half chocolate and half vanilla covered in vanilla buttercream.  The Jets logo and lettering I did in fondant.

The logo is very cool.  Without the jet there is a maple leaf underneath.  It was amazing to see how the jet fit in perfectly over the maple leaf.

It was pretty cool to get to do a cake for one of the Jet's newest players.

Baby Elephant Shower Cake

This was a sweet cake to make.  I always love doing a baby cake.  I made the elephant a few days in advance to make sure it was nice a dry.  The cake itself was an 8" vegan chocolate cake.  with a buttercream filling.

After I had put the crumb coat on I thankfully looked at the notes and realised that the filling was supposed to have been pink.  Yikes!  So glad I caught that before I put the fondant on.

Pterodactyl Birthday Cake

I've typed out the word pterodactyl so many times I don't think I will ever forget how to spell it now that I've learned it.  This was an interesting cake to plot out.  I wanted to have the least amount of waste as possible and was able to get all the cut outs needed with two 10" round cakes of red velvet.

Victor insisted on a red pterodactyl.  Thankfully I had enough red fondant on hand. The fondant hides all the seams where the cake pieces join together.  

Love how the teeth turned out.  I took small pieces of white fondant and shaped them into little sharp teeth. 
Victor was delighted with his cake.

Pink Dinosaur Cake

A friend of mine asked me to make a cake for her nephew and a cake for her niece for the same day.  Not so simple cakes either.  I love my friends.
This first cake was the "easier" one.  I used the soccer ball pan and one 8" round pan to bake the cookies & cream cake.

The head, feet and tail were molded with just fondant.  I put a slit through the back of the dinosaur to make it easy to add the spikes.  I'm not even sure if that is the proper term.  Ha!

I just love her face!  The hat I added at the last minute to finish it off.  It's the only part that is not edible.  God help anyone who decides to actually eat the head or limbs!  Can't imagine that sugar rush.
Now on to the Pterodactyl cake for Alexia's big brother. . .