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Stewie Griffin Birthday Cake

One of Mr. T's coworkers asked me to make this cake for her dad's birthday.  This is a 2 layer 8" vanilla cake.  I wasn't sure what colour to do the icing in and had some left over icing from the Sesame Street cupcakes.  I mixed them to together and added some Electric Blue food colouring.  This amazing dark indigo colour came out.  I loved the colour so much that I decided not to cover it in fondant.  I added yellow and red stars for decoration.

Interestingly enough the colour turned a dark green over night.  Very strange.  Dying icing dark colours seems to be a gamble for me.

Sesame Street Cake and Cupcakes

Last year I made this Baby Shower Cake and this year I received an order to do the baby's 1st Birthday cake.  I didn't connect the two until his mom came to pick it up.  Duh!

She sent me pictures of the cake she wanted along with the cupcakes.  I went from there.

The cake was an 8" and a 6" tier in vanilla. The blue fondant did not go on well.  It was pretty stressful and had a lot blemishes.  Thankfully the polka dots hid the majority of them. Fortunately everything else went smoothly.

For the cupcakes I did six each of the characters.  It wasn't as painful as I thought it would be. I love the decorated cupcakes but they can be so time consuming.  However, once I broke it down into steps and having supplies organised really helps.  They turned out really well.  I tried to save on the icing a bit by combining the leftover blue and yellow, but it didn't go so well.  The green on Oscar I think turned out similar to his colouring on TV rather than the cartoon …

Another Flower Cake, in Green

One of my coworkers is getting married next week and her director asked me to make a cake for our floor celebration.  I figured I would go with chocolate cake.  This way I know my pod will like it if no one else does.  Ha!

I made a 10" two layer Perfect Chocolate Cake.  I use a recipe and a half for this size.  For the filling I used Nutella icing.  The bride can't have gluten so I brought her a little jar of the filling to enjoy.  For the most part I believe cake is a vessel to the icing anyway.

I had a ton of green icing left over in my fridge and wanted to use it up before it went to waste.  So I tweaked the colour a bit and covered the cake.  Then I added lots and lots of flowers in four different sizes.  I love the flowers.  I finished it off with a black dragee in the centre of each one.  I think it has a retro 50s feels.

Easter Bunny Cake and Macaroons

For our big family Easter dinner I volunteered to make the desserts.  I found two ideas on Pinterest that I wanted to try out.

The first one is the Easter cake under Cakes I Want to Try.  Of course I made the Perfect Chocolate Cake as the base.  To add more height to the 3 layers I added two layers of chocolate meringue.  I had some issues with making the meringue but after the 4th attempt I finally got the eggs whites to form stiff piques. So glad I bought the egg whites in a carton.

For the 2nd dessert I made these macaroons under Easter Time.  I used the Cadbury mini eggs from the Bulk Barn.  I don't know if you can get the almonds in Canada.