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Director's Perfect Chocolate Cake

Yesterday was our director's birthday and today we were able to have a celebration lunch with most of our team.  It was so nice to be able to take the time and have lunch together for the first time in a very long time.

This was an 8" 3 layer chocolate cake with chocolate filling.  Deeann's favourite.  Even took it to work on the wooden platter.

I always find it difficult to add decorations to a chocolate covered cake.  I decided to try making my own cake topper which I think turned out pretty good.  I'll be making more of these from now on.

Made in 1956 Cake

For Ken's 60th birthday I was asked to do this cake.  I made an 8" square two layer cookies and cream cake with buttercream filling.

At first I couldn't decide what colour do to the cake in.  Then I remembered that Ken is a Cleveland Indians fan and went with their colours.  It took a lot of red dye to get the icing the right colour.  Hopefully it didn't dye everyone's teeth too red! "All Original Parts" I wrote on by hand with edible black marker.

Western/Waterloo Cake

I was asked to do the university crest for the two graduates on a cookies and cream cake covered in buttercream icing.

Of course their crests were pretty intricate.  The 3 lions on the Waterloo crest and the caribou and lion on Western crest are not edible.  I wasn't going to attempt to draw or cut these out.  Congratulations just fit with some finagling on the front of the cake.