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Royal Wedding Cake for Ladies' Tea

A coworker sent me the recipe for Make your own Harry and Meghan inspired royal wedding cake a couple of weeks ago.  Little did I know that I would actually use it so quickly.  This month's Admiral's Walk Ladies Tea in the Port of Newcastle is doing a royal wedding theme and asked for mini wedding cake to go with the theme.  As a royal watcher I was more than happy to do such a cake.  Grandma Winnie always had royal magazines in her house that I always read when visiting.  I loved pouring over the pictures.

Baking without a/c right now from the 20th floor is not fun!!  The lemon curd filling kept seeping out of the side of the cake.  My brother came to pick it up and he couldn't leave until I was sure it wouldn't leak.  Even then I couldn't wait to hear from him that he had it in the fridge safe and sound.

I was able to make this cake only having to use one cake recipe.  Each tier was 2 layers with lemon curd filling.  8", 6" and 4".  Mr. T picked up…

Niagara Wedding Cake - Grey and Yellow

For this wedding cake the bottom tier is a 2 layer 8" vanilla cake with salted caramel filling covered in butter cream with fondant covering.

The top tier is a 2 layer 6" chocolate cake with chocolate fudge filling covered in butter cream with fondant covering.  Even though it is very hot in our condo right now this cake went together very smoothly. 

I wrapped dark grey ribbon around the bottom of each tier.  I love how ribbon finishes off a cake.  It can also hide lots of imperfections. 

Final touches were some yellow daisies and roses in fondant.

Love Wedding Cake Top

Krumbs Breadery is catering a wedding in Parry Sound today and asked me to do the cupcakes and cake. Actually they made the cake, it's a strawberry cheesecake and smells so good.  My job was to cover it in icing to look like a "regular" cake.  It was very easy to do.  Though because it was so cold the icing went on super smooth which normally I would really appreciate but because I was doing a rustic look I didn't want it to be smooth.  Figures!

I forgot to take a picture of the cupcakes.  I made 2 dozen vanilla, 2 dozen lemon and 2 dozen chocolate.  To add a little more height to the cake I made the topper using my Cricut machine.  At first I tried it in gold but it was hard to see so we decided to go with black.

Krumbs came to pick up the cake and cupcakes on their way to Parry Sound.

50th Birthday Cake

Doing a toilet paper cake is so much fun.  So cheeky. 

For this cake I made a 9 x 13 two layer vanilla with chocolate chips cake and a 6" three layer vanilla with chocolate chip cake for the roll of toilet paper.

I made the fondant signs the night before so that they would dry out and become hard.  The main cake is covered in chocolate icing.

Insane 6 Launch Party Cake

I was asked to this cake for the launch of a new line of e-cig flavours with the logo on top.  The cake was 10" two layer chocolate cake with chocolate fudge filling then covered in white fondant.

I originally started out to do the logo in fondant but I couldn't get the look I wanted.  Then I tried to paint it and it was just a disaster.  Painting under pressure is never a good idea.  Fortunately, Mr. T found Rosie D. Designs that could print the logo on edible paper which is very thin fondant.  I didn't add it to the cake until just before delivery.  I didn't want it to sweat so I took it out of the fridge about 30 minutes before.  After adding the logo I trimmed it in blue fondant.