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Jacklyn & Brent's Wedding Cake

Today was my 4th wedding cake this month and also a wedding that I got to attend.  The cake was a 6" carrot cake with cream cheese icing.  I think the bride and groom are saving it for themselves as we didn't see out on a table.  

For the sweet table I made 13 dozen cupcakes: carrot cake and red velvet both with cream cheese icing, vanilla with butter cream icing and chocolate with chocolate fudge icing.

Congratulations Jacklyn and Brent!

Keaton's Batman Cake

I can't believe Keaton is 10 years old!  So when his mom asked me to make his cake almost at the last minute, I couldn't say no.  Even though I'm working on a wedding cake.  I knew I could squeeze this one in.

The bottom tier is an 8" vanilla cake with butter cream filling.  The top tier I had extra carrot cake batter so I decided to go with it.  Turns out Keaton loves carrot cake.  Yay!

Fall Wedding Cake and Cupcakes

For this wedding cake I did a 6" carrot cake with cream cheese filling for the top of a cupcake tree.  I dry brushed the burgundy dye on the edges of the fondant

For the 6 dozen cupcakes they were all cookies and cream flavour, 

We delivered these to Krumbs in Newcastle for the wedding tomorrow.  It's always a crap shoot for me when I'm dying icing a dark colour.  It's supposed to be burgundy but in some light it looks chocolate.  A semi-pro tip: make sure your dye is fresh; if it's old you'll never know what colour you'll get.

Peppa Pig Cake

When I was asked to a Peppa Pig cake I was super excited.  The show came out when Miss E was older so we were never in the Peppa Pig phase.  However we love the scene Peppa Pig Can't Whistle.  It cracks me up every time!

This was a 6" vanilla cake with strawberry filling.  Such a sweet cake.

Cait & Colette's Phoenix Wedding Cake

I've known Cait since before she was born.  She's a cousin of a cousin if that makes sense.  For the longest time we were the only girls in the family and when our shared cousin Kim came along we were both super excited.  So when she asked me to do her wedding cake it was so much fun to get to reconnect with her and to meet her fiancee. 

For this three tiered cake the 10" was lemon with cream cheese filling, 8" was strawberry with cream cheese filling and 6" carrot cake for the top with cream cheese filling.  On the front as per their request I drew on the Phoenix.  It was so humid in the condo that I couldn't trace on the design fist so I ended up free-handing it.

Mr T and I delivered the cake to the venue along with cupcakes that I forgot to take a picture of.  We weren't setting it up so we were able to drop everything off and go.

Fortunately Kim had her cell with her and was able to take a few pictures of the cake for me with the topper on it and the…

Jenn & Robert's Wedding Cake

Today is Mr. T and my 17th wedding anniversary.  Hard to believe it's been that long already!  Why not make a wedding cake and deliver it to Creemore as our way of celebrating?  Miss E didn't want to come for the ride so we had a lovely scenic drive up to Creemore.  The town is so nice.  The wedding was taking in place in their backyard.  It was spectacular with what I think is the Mad River running in the backyard. 

This is the first of 4 wedding cakes I'm doing this month.  Crazy!  3 of the 3 have the birch tree effect as decoration. This cake was three tiers: 10" marble, 8" chocolate and 6" vanilla.

After we dropped off the cake we took a drive up to Wasaga Beach to look at all the beach front houses.  I can't remember if I've ever been there before but there was lots to see.  Mr. T bought us some chip trucks fries for our dinner.  They were super yummy. :)