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Emoji Cupcakes

Emojis are all the rage with 10 year olds apparently.  At least in Miss. E's class.  So for some fundraising at school Miss. E volunteered that I would do some baking.

These were pretty fun to make.  All the black is edible marker.  For the tongues I used flower petals and they worked well.

My favourite emoji is the winking one with its tongue out.  Miss E's is the one with the dollar signs of course. :)

They were a big hit.

This will most likely be my last entry for a while as our kitchen is undergoing major renovations.  I have no idea how long it will take.  Hopefully no more than a month, but we'll see.

Pink Rose Birthday Cake

Tessia asked me to do a cake for her birthday.  She requested a 6" cake with pink roses in butter cream icing.  Two layers of vanilla cake with strawberry filling.

I love that the saying on the cake is: Happy Birthday to Me. I added some shimmer dust to the lettering for some extra bling.