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Daisy Cake for Grandma J

Today we had a family celebration for my Grandma J's 89th birthday.  One of her favourite colours is yellow and I know she loves carrot cake.  So that's what I made.

This was a 3 layer 9" carrot cake with lots of yellow cream cheese icing.  Cream cheese icing is not easy to work with when you're covering a cake.  It goes on really easy but when the cake is dark as all cakes that go with cream cheese icing tend to be, it's hard to cover that up.  After the third layer I was out of icing and time.  I added all 89 daisies that I cut out and some green leaves for extra colour.

My cousin bought this really cool candle for the cake.  When you light it, it opens up slowly into this flower.  It looked really pretty.  You can get them on Amazon.

Grandma J getting ready to blow out her candles. :)

Wedding Cake - Mr & Mrs Stafford

Last weekend Krumbs catered a wedding at the Newcastle town hall. I got to do the wedding cake and cupcakes.  Miss E was staying with my parents so I was able to work Friday night and finish Saturday morning without any distractions.  Mr T took himself to bed super early on Friday night, so it was just me and P.S. I Love You playing on the TV while I worked away.

The wedding cake was an 8" and 6" tiered vanilla flavoured cake with salted caramel filling.  Purple is a really hard colour to do for me in fondant.  I really don't understand it.  I did see a YouTube video a few days ago that made me feel a lot better.  The instructor said purple was really difficult with Americolor gels.  She uses Wilton gels for purple.  Next, time I will try them out.  I was able to get the purple as dark as I could.  Couldn't quite get it to match the ribbon exactly.  I still how it turned out.

On the way to Newcastle I realised about halfway there I forgot to bring my white cake stan…

Pink Bachelorette Cupcakes

I made these very cute cupcakes for a bachelorette party before I went away for vacation a few weeks ago.  I love the combination of pink, black and white.  I added bright pink pearls to the centre of each of the two layer flowers for the toppers.

Ben & Rachel's Wedding Cakes

A couple of weeks ago friends of ours got married and our wedding gift was the cake, or cakes rather.  The wedding had a games theme so each cake represented a game.

Fortunately the wedding was on a Sunday and I had all day Saturday to decorate.  Mr. T kept me company watching a marathon of Night Court on Comedy Gold while I decorated into the wee hours of the morning.  I was actually done by 2 am, which I thought was pretty good!

Cake #1: Puzzle Cake

Ben and Rachel provided their cake topper for this one.  I loved it.  All cakes were 2 tiered, 8 inch square.  This one was chocolate with chocolate fudge filling.  Originally I was doing a rope of black fondant around the base but it was turning out as I wanted.  Instead I opted to used a 1/2 inch ribbon around each base.

Cake #2: Scrabble Cake

Ben is an avid Scrabble player.  Years ago I attended an evening at the club where Ben played thinking I was a decent player.  Recreational Scrabble is extremely different from competitive.  My f…