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Marcela's 40th Birthday Cake

This was my 2nd cake for the weekend and my first all nighter in a very long time.  By the time both cakes were picked up I was down for the count taking a nap!  Though I did get through the first season of The Good Life, the first season of Mom and the movie Joy while I was doing these cakes.  I think I confused the cats.  They didn't know if they should be sleeping or chasing each other.
Anyway, for this cake both the 8" and 6" tier were blue suede velvet.  Essentially red velvet with cream cheese filling but instead of red dye I used blue.  Then I covered both tiers in white fondant.

For the multicoloured flowers I cut out one of each colour daisy then used two of each coloured petals around circles I had cut out for the larger ones; for the smaller ones it was one of each colour.  Originally I started out doing the petals free hand but that was very time consuming.  Thankfully I was only one flower in before I switched direction.

For the greenery I used edible dye a…

Mountain Bike Cake

For this cake I was requested to make a yellow mountain bike and the flavour was to be chocolate.  This was an 8" two layer chocolate cake with chocolate filling. To this day I still cannot draw a bike from memory.  The frame always looks slightly off.  Thankfully I didn't have to rely on my memory and was able to print off a clip art drawing to use as my guide.

Thank goodness for my clay extruder to do the bike wheels and frame.  You have to use fresh fondant.  If it's even slightly dried out it becomes virtually impossible to twist it out of the extruder.  After two tries with the yellow I broke down and made some fresh yellow fondant and it came out like butter! 

I made the trees out of three different shades of green using my small oval cutters. 

For the little rocks I had three different shades of grey and rolled up tiny little stones or rocks.

50th Anniversary Cake - Gluten Free

For this cake I was asked to make it gluten free.  Normally I only do a chocolate gluten free cake but I took the plunge and tried out a vanilla recipe.  I thought the cutoffs tasted pretty good.  Fingers crossed everyone else did too.

The bottom tier was an 8" two layer gluten free chocolate cake with butter cream filling.  The top tier was a 6" two layer gluten free vanilla cake with butter cream filling.  I had originally made the 50 out of gum paste and fondant.  It was more of a yellowish gold so I added the little yellow flowers to match.  However, when I went to add the 5 on the cake I broke it. :(  Thankfully, I pulled out my Cricut machine and made a topper out of cardstock.

Superman Wedding Cake

It's been almost a month since I've had a cake to do.  It was a nice summer break.  I'm not going to lie.  However, I have been dying to do this superman cake forever!  I was so excited when I asked to do it for the topper of the cupcake stand.  Yay!  What a fun way to get back into the swing of things.

The topper was a 6" two layer cookies and cream cake with butter cream filling.

For the cake stand I made two dozen vanilla, chocolate and cookies & cream.  At first I was going to do all the initials in the middle lettering but it was taking FOREVER to tap out and they were super brittle.  Instead I didn't different lettering for each flavour.

My go to for cupcake liners in matte black.  Of course when I went to do the cupcakes I had enough for 2 dozen but not the remaining 4 dozen.  I sent Mr T out on a wild goose chase looking for even plain white ones forgetting that the bride had already made the covers to go over them so it didn't matter what the line…

Deadpool Birthday Cake

I can't believe this guy turned 7 today!  Of course I was thrilled to do a cake for him.  His request was for a vanilla cake with the Deadpool theme.  Of course I had no idea what Deadpool was or that it was a character in the title movie.  I'm not really into any of the Marvel or DC movies.  Good thing my friends like me in spite of my flaws!  Ha. :)

I knew not to cover it in fondant because that would be way too easy on me.  Wouldn't you know that Deadpool's colours are red and black.  Two of the most fun colours to dye butter cream icing.  I went with red icing then black and white fondant decorations.

To add depth to the lettering I cut out a set in white and a set in black.  Then I offset the white on top of the black slightly.  I love how this turned out.

This was an 8" two layer vanilla cake as per the birthday boy's request and his mother's dismay.

Mercedes Benz S600 Birthday Cake

Before I agreed to make this 3D cake I scoured Pinterest and YouTube for a tutorial.  Thankfully, I found this fantastic video for a Mercedes Benz Birthday Cake.  Mr T found the specs and printed them off for me.  I didn't do the cake exactly to scale to make sure there was more cake for the guests to enjoy.

First I made the tires so that they could dry out and harden.  Then I made the cake board in the shape of the base similar to the video and covered it in tin foil.

For the cake I made a 9 x 13 vanilla cake.  With that slab I roughly formed the shape of a car with chocolate ganache as the filling.  The ganache worked like a glue to help keep the pieces together.

Once the shaped was formed I covered the entire cake in chocolate ganache and let that set .

The cake was covered in black fondant.  Then I outlined all the windows and doors as per the specs.  Added the mirrors, door handles and antenna.  Using the clay extruder I made the grey outline for the tires, lights, front gri…

Myra and Doug's Wedding Cake

I've known the bride and her daughter since I was 5 years old.  So, I was extremely honoured to be asked to make this cake for Myra and Doug.  We decided on a three tiered cake with buttercream icing to cover the cake.

I was off last week on vacation so I was able to spend all day yesterday taking my time to make the roses out of fondant.  Miss E was home with me and watched some episodes of Friends and Uncle Buck.  It was lots of fun and so nice not to rush.

For the roses the first few layers were slightly darker than the outer layers to give some depth to make them more realistic.

The bottom tier was fake.  It was a 10" round 4" high styrofoam dummy.  To make the ruffled affect I used a piping bag and rose tip and piped it on haphazardly around the dummy.  I did this tier last once the cake was put together to cover up the edge of the 2nd tier.

On the top tier I placed the roses with some extra icing to prevent them from moving around.  I put them as close together as…

Carrot Cake

Today we had another Coles family gathering.  This time at my uncle's place in Blackstock.  It's always fun to get to see family. It was very strange to be without Miss E.  We could stay as late as we wanted to without worrying about her bed time. Though we did pay for it the next day. Ha!

The family requested that I bring a carrot cake.  I didn't realise for so many family members that it was a favourite of theirs.  I love carrot cake too so I wasn't complaining.

This was a 3 layer 8 inch cake with lots of cream cheese.  The cake was serve and mostly eaten by the time I realized that I hadn't taken a picture. Thankfully my aunt had taken one that I could use. I try not to decorate a cake the same way twice so I need to keep a record!

Butterfly Cupcakes

My lovely go worker, Clover asked me to make 4 cupcakes for her sister's birthday!? If she had told me this last week when I made the gigantic Canada Day cake I could have easily taken out enough batter for her "tiny" request. But instead, I couldn't say no, I made 6 giant cupcakes as a compromise?

She had bought a gift bag for her sister's present already that had a butterfly on it. My task was to make butterflies that matched. Instead of doing fondant ones I made them using distress inks and vinyl on my Cricut air cutting machine. I really like how they turned out. I will be making more of these for sure.

Mr T and I delivered them up to her as an excuse to go out for dinner at the Lone Star. It was crazy weather. No rain one minute then a huge down poor, nothing again and then another down poor. We managed to stay dry at least.

Canada Day Family Cake

My parents had a family celebration today to celebrate Canada Day and the summer birthdays.  I was tasked with bring the cake.

I made a 4 layer 10" vanilla cake covered in buttercream icing.

Decorated with 150 maple leafs, of course.

The summer birthday peeps.  Auntie Julie, Grandma J., Dad, Uncle Tom and Geoff.

My first attempt at making a checkerboard cake.

Poodle Skirt Cake

This cake was an 8" and 6" tiered chocolate cake.  For the poodle skirt I just draped the purple fondant over the cake and left it as is instead of smoothing it out to wrap around the cake.

For the cake topper I used my Cricut machine and the Nifty Fifties cartridge to create the Happy 75 sign as homage to Route 66.

Way to Go Graduation Cupcakes

Miss E had her graduation from grade 6 tonight.  *sob* One of the parents bravely hosted a class party in the condo party room so I sent Miss E down with a couple dozen cupcakes.

I had leftover batter from the vegan cupcakes I made for the wedding so I just used that for the chocolate cupcakes and buttercream icing.  The Way to Go signs I made using my Cricut machines.

The vegan cupcakes are surprisingly really good!

Naked Wedding Cake with Vegan Cupcakes

This is the first time that I've done a naked cake.  It isn't as easy as you'd think it would be.  The cake has to be very straight and level.  There is no room to hide mishaps with icing!

This 3 tiered cake consisted of a 10" vanilla cake with chocolate filling, an 8" chocolate cake with salted caramel filling and a 6" Victorian sponge cake with whipped cream and strawberry jam filling.  The whole cake is crumb coated in vanilla buttercream.

As some of the guests were vegan the bride order some vegan cupcakes.  I have a very easy chocolate cake recipe that happens to be vegan and then made the icing using vegan Becel and almond milk with some almond extra.  These were amazing if I do say so myself.  I took the extras to wine night and they were a huge hit.  I will definitely make these more often.

Wedding Cake

For this wedding cake I did a 10" square chocolate cake with salted caramel filling; an 8" lemon cake with cream cheese filling and a 6" marble cake with salted caramel filling.

We delivered this cake to the Albany Club downtown and put it in the fridge so I did not get to set it up.  I believe they were going to add some fresh lilies to the top.  As easy as it is to only have to cover the cake in white fondant and then wrap a ribbon around it; it is difficult to make sure there are no marks or cracks in the fondant as you can't hide them with decorations.  Thankfully it wasn't too humid out and we just missed the rain for the delivery.

Moana Cake

When I was asked to make this cake I had not yet seen the movie.  So Miss E and I had a movie night and watched this together for research. I had watched a video on how to make the cake before I saw the movie and didn't make any sense to me.  Now the under water or the parting of the water makes so much more sense.

For the cake I made two 8" rounds and cut one in half and layered them to build the wall of water. For the water I dyed the white fondant with different shades of blue and didn't completely blend it all together to give the multicolour look.  For the ocean floor and sand I used graham cracker crumbs.

For little Moana I printed off and fussy cut the figuring and coloured her in using my Copic markers.

The fish and seaweed I made out of fondant and added pearl dragees as bubbles.  For the white caps on the waves I just added buttercream icing using a tooth brush.

Beauty & the Beast Cake and Cupcakes

I'm so happy that Beauty and the Beast is popular again and was thrilled to get to do this themed cake.  

This was an 8" and 6" tiered vanilla cake with butter cream icing.  For the ruffles I used tear drop shaped cutter and overlapped them for three layers to make the skirt of Belle's dress.

For "KEIRA" I used the Disney font to cut out the letters.  Very thin and finicky to work with.  But definitely worth it.

Fallen rose petals from the rose I made for the top of the cake.  Just like in the movie.

I also made 2 dozen mini chocolate cupcakes.  It was so humid that the cupcake liners came right off so I called them bite size cakes. :)

Construction Cake

This was a last minute request to a very busy weekend but I couldn't resist doing this cake for my friend's great-nephew.

This was a 9 x 13 two layer chocolate cake with chocolate ganache filling.  I used Oreo cookie crumbs for the dirt.  One of the corners didn't turn out so well, so I made it look like it was under construction.  Colin's mom was adding trucks at her house to the cake.  I used one of my favourite little cars as a demo.

Happy 1st Bee-Day Cake

What a fun cake this was to make!  Love to do a whimsical cake like this.  Of course when it came time when I needed my black wire for the bumble bees do you think I could find it?  I was able to find green though and it didn't look bad at all.

The 10" and 8" tiers were vanilla and the top was chocolate.  To make the bee hive I used half baseball mold to bake the cake in.  The top tier is going to be the smash cake so it is covered in icing rather than fondant.  After several attempts I was finally able to get the look I wanted for the bee hive.

To ensure the bees stayed on I added a toothpick for strength.  Then with the edible black marker I added the dotted trail.

Thankfully I have a chevron cutter but it's not fun to add on to the side of a cake, that's for sure!

Unicorn Cake

I was super excited to do this unicorn cake as I have seen it all over YouTube and Pinterest.  I know Kendall isn't a big fan of fondant so I covered it in white butter cream.  I still can't get it as smooth as I'd like. *sigh*

The horn, ears and eyes were made from fondant.  For the unicorn's main I added the multicolour of icing and piped it out in rosettes.  The cake itself was an 8" two layer cookies and cream with buttercream filling.

Mermaid Cake

I had so much fun doing this cake for Brooklyn as her birthday present.  This was an 8" and 6" tiered chocolate cake with buttercream filling.  For the mermaid tail I cut it out the day before so it could dry hard and not have to worry about it breaking.

I made some sea weed out of purple fondant by wrapping it around a pencil.  All of the sea shells were made with fondant using press molds.

Added some coloured dragees for extra bling! I used the leaf tip to make the lime sea weed.

Birthday girl loved her cake!  Happy Birthday Brook! :)