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Molly's Unicorn Cake

For Molly's 5 birthday she asked for a unicorn cake.  She likes to look over my Instagram account @klcoles14 to see the cakes I've posted.  I love it!  

Molly's cake was a 3 layer 8" chocolate cake, her mom's pick, covered in buttercream icing.

I love how I was able to get such vibrant colours for the icing.  It's usually an epic fail for me.  Final touch was a sprinkling of gold dust.

Happy Birthday Molly!

Grandma Winnie's 95th Birthday Cake

We had an impromptu family dinner midweek to celebrate Grandma Winnie's birthday at her favourite restaurant, A-One Delights Chinese Buffet in town.  She loves lemon cake, so I made a 4 layer 6" lemon cake with cream cheese icing.  

There were 10 of us at the restaurant and we still had leftovers.  With the leftover cream cheese icing I coloured it pink and green to decorate the top.  Grandma's favourite colour is pink. 

Grandma Winnie with Miss E. :)  Hope we can all look as good as she does at 95!

Tim's Perfect Chocolate Cake 2019

I wish I had kept track of how many times I've made this cake in the last 20+ years.  It's the first cake I ever made for Mr T when we first started dating.  So of course for his birthday I had to make it for him.  I had one 8" layer in the freezer left over as extra from a previous cake that I needed to use up.  This cake ended up being a 4 layer cake instead of the usual 3.  I also double the icing recipe to account for the extra layer and I used it for filling between the 2nd and 3rd layer.  The other layers are filled with whipped cream.

The cake was over 6' tall.  We were able to share the cake with lots of family and friends.

Enjoy another year around the sun Mr T!