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Chocolate Glazed Doughnut Cake

I was so sad to let this cake go.  It looked so good!  Yet it was so easy to make.  Aside from the baking of the cake and making the icing which takes several hours, it took me about 20 minutes to decorate.  But it's so decadent!

This cake went with the Lego cake.  I believe they were celebrating Stathis' uncle's birthday as well.

Lego Cake

I made this cake on the weekend for Stathis who's turning 4.  To make this cake I baked the equivalent of two 8" cakes, both cookies and cream with Nutella filling.

Before I iced the cakes I cut each one in half and one half into quarters.  The yellow, blue and red bricks were 4" by 8" and the green 4" x 4".  For the circles on top, whatever you call those things, I rolled out fondant to about 1/4" thick and cut out the circles. After all the cakes were done I put them in the fridge for an hour to get really cold which made it much easier to move around to make the 4 on the board.

Valentine Heart Cupcakes

My co-worker Clover asked me to make some cupcakes for her and I was able to get the dozen she needed out of the batch I made for my other cupcakes.  However, these had be fancy, a.k.a. difficult.  I was okay with this because I was exchanging the cupcakes for her famous fudge.

Of course she saw the domed look and wanted this.  Of course I've never tried this before and originally said it wasn't happening.  Then a video caught my eye from a YouTube channel I follow for Fondant Patchwork Cupcakes.  So it wasn't as difficult as I thought!

They turned out really well.  The first few did anyway.  Definitely have to keep the fondant on the thicker size and you can't let the fondant dry out otherwise it will crack and will not cover on the edges nicely.  She wasn't lying in her tutorial!   It takes A LOT of icing under that fondant to get this affect.

I like the look of this technique.  It's very clean.  However, I would not do this for more than 2 dozen at a time.…

Valentine Cupcakes

For this Valentine's my bigger department at work is doing a little celebration at the various campus locations that we're located at.  I was asked to make cupcakes for everyone.  Fourteen (14) dozen cupcakes as it turns out.  I made 7 dozen chocolate and 7 dozen vanilla.

Last night I baked and iced all the cupcakes white pink butter cream icing.  Also cut out 168 (14 dozen) red heart and 168 white ones.  I left the hearts out over night to harden.  Came home from work and added all the hearts.  A coworker came to pick up most of them to deliver to the north end and I am bringing in my department's for tomorrow.  I am SO glad I didn't have to cart 14 dozen cupcakes on the subway.