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25th Wedding Anniversary Cake

I love how this cake turned out!  I love doing wedding and anniversary cakes.  I also love adding bling.
For this 25th wedding anniversary cake the 8" bottom tier was 3 layers of chocolate cake with chocolate fudge filling.  The 6" top tier was 3 layers of vanilla cake with butter cream filling.

As much as I love that it's finally getting warmer here, I do not enjoy the humidity.  As soon as you bring the cake out of the fridge when it's covered in fondant it starts to sweat and you have to be so careful not get anything on the cake.  Thankfully, it was too humid to finish decorating the cake.  All the non-edible decorations are tacked on with pins that are easy to take out when you're ready to serve.

School Cupcakes

For the grand re-opening of a school I was asked to make 12 dozen vanilla cupcakes and 1 dozen gluten free.  Below is a small sample from the assembly line!

Thankfully, one flavour in this quantity goes much faster to get ready versus different flavours.  It helps that the batter is the perfect consistency for scooping into liners.

Mother's Day Cake

For Mother's day this year, I wanted to try something different.  Apparently, different means, crazy multi-step, multi-ingredient and time consuming. This dessert required the following: - Phyllo pastry, used store bought - Chantilly cream, made fresh - Macaroons, store bought from Charmaine's Sweet Studio (highly recommend) - Meringues, made myself.  Note:  Only use fresh egg whites, not from a carton or you end up wasting your time and ingredients to start over! - Chocolate ganache, made fresh  - Brownies, store bought 2 bite brownies - Strawberries, not Ontario grown :( They aren't ready yet)

There are numerous YouTube videos on these types of cakes to follow.  I chose to use Phyllo pastry instead of using a cookie recipe because I didn't want to worry about it breaking and how it would be difficult to cut without breaking it.

It was a lot of work!  But totally worth it for my mom and me!  It was really good.  I won't be making one for a LONG time though.

Baby Elephant Cupcakes

It's always fun to do something baby themed.  For my friend Gina I made 4 dozen cupcakes, 2 each of chocolate and vanilla.  Both with vanilla buttercream icing then topped with fondant decorations.

Sometimes, I surprise myself with what I have in my stash of baking supplies.  I thought I was going to have to trace 48 elephants and cut them out, but I found that I had a baby elephant cookie cutter.  Woohoo!  For the eyes I used black dragees.

Easter Carrot Cake

For the Coles family Easter dinner I went with the classic carrot cake with cream cheese icing.  It's a family favourite.  

With the leftover icing I dyed it orange and piped on the tops of carrots then cut up green straws for the greenery.  Each person got a "carrot" with their piece.

Geoff was excited for his piece and didn't want to wait for a plate of his own.

Welcome to Canada Cake

To celebrate Adam's permanent residency in Canada I was asked to make this cake.  I love how it turned out; if I do say so myself! :)
Each tier was 3 layers of lemon cake with cream cheese filling.  The family's favourite.  The bottom was 8" and the top, 6".  The bottom tier is covered in red fondant with black and red squares to give the look of a plaid shirt.  For the top tier, I dyed the icing beige and dark brown to look like a tree trunk. For the trees I piped the trees out on squares of parchment paper and put them in the freezer for 20 minutes and then transferred them on to the cake.  

For the maple leaf I had some older red fondant that I tried to revive then I painted it over with red dye mixed gold and all the cracks in the fondant came through giving it a weathered realistic look.  I will probably never be able to replicate that again!  I used my Cricut Explore Air and vinyl to do the lettering and stuck it to the cake board.  Even used Canada, Eh? font

Molly's Unicorn Cake

For Molly's 5 birthday she asked for a unicorn cake.  She likes to look over my Instagram account @klcoles14 to see the cakes I've posted.  I love it!  

Molly's cake was a 3 layer 8" chocolate cake, her mom's pick, covered in buttercream icing.

I love how I was able to get such vibrant colours for the icing.  It's usually an epic fail for me.  Final touch was a sprinkling of gold dust.

Happy Birthday Molly!

Grandma Winnie's 95th Birthday Cake

We had an impromptu family dinner midweek to celebrate Grandma Winnie's birthday at her favourite restaurant, A-One Delights Chinese Buffet in town.  She loves lemon cake, so I made a 4 layer 6" lemon cake with cream cheese icing.  

There were 10 of us at the restaurant and we still had leftovers.  With the leftover cream cheese icing I coloured it pink and green to decorate the top.  Grandma's favourite colour is pink. 

Grandma Winnie with Miss E. :)  Hope we can all look as good as she does at 95!

Tim's Perfect Chocolate Cake 2019

I wish I had kept track of how many times I've made this cake in the last 20+ years.  It's the first cake I ever made for Mr T when we first started dating.  So of course for his birthday I had to make it for him.  I had one 8" layer in the freezer left over as extra from a previous cake that I needed to use up.  This cake ended up being a 4 layer cake instead of the usual 3.  I also double the icing recipe to account for the extra layer and I used it for filling between the 2nd and 3rd layer.  The other layers are filled with whipped cream.

The cake was over 6' tall.  We were able to share the cake with lots of family and friends.

Enjoy another year around the sun Mr T!

Onesie Baby Shower Cupcake Cake

I've been making more cupcake cakes and am definitely learning how to better decorate them each time so it's not so frustrating!  First you need double the icing than what you would normally need for 3 dozen cupcakes.  Then, add a dob of icing to the bottom of each cupcake to act as glue to keep it from moving on the board.  They key, once all the cupcakes are "glued" on the board and in the desired shape, is to refrigerate them for about 15-20 minutes to harden the glue.  If you don't do this it will be very difficult to cover the cupcakes in icing without them moving around!

The cupcakes were a combination of vanilla and chocolate.  Originally, Welcome Sebastian was in dark blue but it was hard to read so at the last minute I added a 2nd layer of letters in white and offsite slightly to give a shadow effect which made it look much better.

Mr. T and I delivered it to Bowmanville and then headed off to visit my parents.

New Year's Instant Pot Chocolate Cheesecake

For New Year's Day we had my parents and brother over for dinner at our place.  My dad requested a chocolate cheesecake for dessert.  I only make a cheesecake in the Instant Pot now.  It is honestly, foolproof!  The cake is always moist.

Best way to start a new year is with a triple chocolate cheesecake splattered with gold and silver shimmer dust.  The balloons and lettering were cut using my Cricut Explore Air.