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Unicorn Cakes for Chloe and Sofie

I love doing birthday cakes for these sisters.  Their mom always does such fun themed parties for them.  This year's theme was obviously unicorn.  Each cake was 6" round and three layers.

Sofie had requested strawberry cake with butter cream filling.  Her decorations were more pastel colours so I decorated hers first.  Once done I darkened all the colours for Chloe's cake.

Chloe's cake was cookies and cream flavoured with butter cream flavour.  I bought the different eye cutters for the unicorn cakes from Etsy.  They were definitely worth the investment.

Polka Dot Baby Shower Cake

For this baby shower cake I made an 8" chocolate cake with salted caramel filling.  I think it's my personal favourite combination.

I found the ribbon in my stash and though it perfect for the base of the cake.

For the cupcakes I made 2 dozen lemon cupcakes with strawberry icing.

Lady Bug and Cat Noir Cake

When I was asked to make this cake I had never heard of Lady Bug and Cat Noir.  Fortunately, I was able to ask Miss E for information and Google the cartoon. 

This was an 8" vanilla cake with butter cream filling.  For the decorations I made Cat Noir's mask and green paw prints; Lady Bug's mask and little lady bugs around the cake.

Mr. T was kind enough to deliver this cake out to Ajax before his 2nd delivery in the next post.

Black Forest Cake

This Thanksgiving the "kids" took over and made it an Oktoberfest themed dinner.  This way no one was slaving in the kitchen while everyone else was mingling in the living room.  Fortunately it was a beautiful day and we got to hang out on the deck. 

My contribution to the meal was Black Forest cake and apple strudel.  I would have preferred to use fresh cherries but they are out of season.  We had dinner at my parents' house and I didn't think a whipped cream covered cake would travel well so I assembled the cake once we got to their house.  There were chocolate flakes all over the kitchen.  Oops. :)