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Adam's Chocolate Cake

Made the Perfect Chocolate Cake for Tim's good friend for his birthday celebration.  Tried to do something different with the icing.  Not sure if I am a fan of the trim around the top but at least it went over well with the birthday boy.  Didn't affect the taste!  Ha!

Confirmation Cake

I was honoured to be asked again by my home church where I was confirmed to do the confirmation cake for this year's class.

I made a two layer chocolate 9 x 13 cake and a two layer vanilla 9 x 13 cake to put together as one cake.  The cake ended up being 13 x 18.  I decided not to cover it in fondant as I thought it would be nice in buttercream.  Those that can cover a cake in buttercream and make it super smooth I am in awe.  I'm not sure if I don't have the knack for it or if I just don't have the patience.  Who knows!? What I do know, is that next time, I will cover it in fondant!

I found several cakes on Pinterest with this dove motif and replicated it.  Then I added everyone's name to cake.  Each had their own colour.

P.S.  I have no idea which side is chocolate and which is vanilla!