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Toronto Maple Leaf Cake

For the birthday boy, the request was a TML jersey cake, with their last name and the number 88 on it.  Chocolate with Nutella icing filling.

Let me tell you Nutella icing is amazing.  I think it might rival the Perfect Chocolate cake icing.  I made a two layer 9 x 13 cake and a third layer to make the arms.  Mr. T had some left over icing and cake and requested it for his birthday cake.  High praise considering the Perfect Chocolate cake is his all time favourite.

I wasn't planning on adding the trim around the bottom, but I rolled out the fondant perfectly for a 9 x13 cake forgetting about the extra two inches or so for the arms.  Thankfully Fondex is forgiving enough that you can stretch it but the edges were a little rough.

I was delivering this cake to the West end and fortunately I had already booked my delivery boy, Mr. T because after the snow storm from the day before I did not want to drive on streets that haven't been plowed.  Fortunately Mr. T likes the challenge.

Cinnamon Toast for Super Bowl Snack

Earlier this week I found this recipe for Cinnamon Toast on Pinterest.  I love cinnamon toast.  I used to sprinkle cinnamon and sugar on top of buttered toast.  This recipe takes it to a whole new level.

Since I am in a lull, happily, for baking this last few weeks I thought I would post about something different.  This is super easy to make and is amazing!  I made it for Mr. T and his friend for a snack during the Super Bowl.  They loved it.

For the bread I used Honey & Oat from Krumbs Breadery & Stuff.  Fortunately, I had a loaf hidden in my freezer.  The bread on its own is so good.  It's my favourite.  But this topping made it even better.  One recipe did one loaf of Honey & Oat.