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Noah's Minecraft Cake

Noah is the first of the Scarborough gang to turn 10.  I can't believe they are entering their 2nd decade.  For this momentous first two digit birthday his request was Minecraft.  Miss E thought that was really cool as she has finally joined this bandwagon.

In theory you'd think that doing a Minecraft cake would be easy to do.  It's just squares.  A lot of squares; 469 to be exact.  Fortunately I have little square plunger cutters that make it a lot easier to do.  Cutting these with a ruler and pizza cutter would not have been pretty for the Type A side of me.

I made a 2 layer 8" vanilla cake with vanilla butter cream as per the birthday boy's request.  Covered it in blue fondant for the sky.

If you look closely the front says NOAH in black blocks.  The TNT is Miss E's favourite part of the cake.  Should I be worried?  I still don't quite get this game.

Originally I had planned to do three rows of tiles around the base of the cake but then I wouldn't have room for the clouds so I tapered off on the tiles from the front to just two rows going around the cake.

I completely underestimated how much space the tiles would take up as I originally was going to do a pickaxe on the top of the cake as well.  I barely had enough for the sword.  Next time I would use the smaller square cutter.

I cut out the tiles the night before to save time.  The only draw back is that they dry out and become brittle; which means they have no give to bend with the shape of the cake.

Decorating the cake with one tile at a time is so time consuming!  At least is it really relaxing.


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