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Death Star Birthday!

Lately my friends and co-workers have been keeping me quite busy with orders, My little hobby has turned into so much more than I ever expected.  Our small galley kitchen is exploding with baking supplies.  Display nooks that had toys now have various cake stands in them. I've taken over some shelves, okay most of the shelves, in one of the hall closets with trays, boxes and cake pans.   Recently, after 10 years of condo living we discovered that our balcony is a excellent extra fridge. On the 20th floor you don't have to worry about animals running off with the food.  Come the warmer weather I don't know what we're going to do.  Mr. T was lamenting that we are going to need another fridge.  Yikes!  It's time to do some serious organizing.

Another discovery, is our convenience store that we have in the building. I've never appreciated it before.  In the last few weeks I have sent Mr. T and Miss E down to get eggs, sugar, milk, etc. all ingredients that I realised I needed half way through baking.  It may cost us a few more pennies, but it saves a lot on travel time and gas, which makes it totally worth it.

I love my hobby and I especially love being able to get creative.  Hopefully, I will ensure to keep at it with a pace that is manageable and learn to slow down when I need to. I definitely need to get organised on booking orders and work on a pricing chart to keep everything manageable.   It does keep me busy and out of mischief though.  Ha!

When someone asks me to make a cake, I still automatically worry that I'm not going to be able to do what they ask.  That it's going to be out of my comfort zone.  My friends and co-workers are certainly good at taking me out of my comfort zone.  However, once I've Googled for a bit and form my plan, I'm in a much better state.  So, when I was asked to do a cake with the Death Star, at first I panicked, especially given that I had no idea what the Death Star was.  Off to Google I went...

I made a two layer vanilla cake with red (Michael's favourite colour) buttercream filling and icing. Then I covered in black fondant. I had just enough to cover the cake.  Phew, as they don't sell fondant at the convenience store!  Gave it a nice dusting of shimmer dust.  Miss E helped me punch out the little stars that dot the cake.  For the Death Star I used the soccer ball pan to bake the cake, covered it in grey fondant.  Then I took a toothpick to draw on the design.  I just came back from Google again since I have no idea what the little indentation thingy was called...Superlaser Focus Lens!  I added a green straw as the laser beam. 


  1. So incredible and delicious! Your talent keeps blowing my mind!

  2. Your experience sounds so familiar - my hobby started taking over the house & now I'm trying to turn it into a business. Google is invaluable as a tool (how did people survive before it?). You've done a great job on this cake; I bet it was a real hit!

  3. Everyone loved this cake!! Especially the birthday boy. Thanks so much!! He's looking forward to eating the Death Star portion tonight :)

    (There were many compliments on the flavour as well as the design, btw.)


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