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Mad Science Birthday Cake

I can't believe that this my 4th year doing cakes for Erika and Stathis.  This year's theme was a combined mad science.  Normally I do each their own cake and I wasn't getting off easy by only having to do one!

Vicky asked me to do a 3D beaker.  Mr T corrected me again, that it is a round bottom flask and not a beaker.  Science was never my forte in school.  So, this is my interpretation of a round bottom flask.

To build it I used two 6" round layers and a half baseball pan followed by three 4" round layers.  All chocolate with chocolate ganache filling.

Covering the flask in fondant proved to be a harder task than I anticipated.  It ended up that I did it in three parts.  The seams are covered with green trim.  Really only middle one makes no sense, but it looks better than showing the seam.  Instead of rotating the vertical seam to the back, I rotated it to the side and covered it with the "potion" dripping out.  The 5 and 7 represent their ages.

I also made two dozen cupcakes to go along with the cake.  Half were cookies and cream and half coconut-lime.  Decorating these cupcakes were a lot more fun than I thought they would be.  I did six balls, two each in brown, green and blue; six radioactive (yellow and black); six atom; and 6 elements from the Periodic table.

This was my science lesson for the day in learning the some of the symbols for the elements:
Hydrogen = H
Helium = He
Boron = B
Sodium = Na
Aluminum = Al
Cobalt = Co
The number in the corner represents the atomic weight, apparently. Ha!

It would be a lot fun to do the whole Periodic Table in cupcake form one day.  You never know.

Mr T was kind enough to deliver the cake and cupcakes while worked on finishing my second cake for today.


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