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Cookies and Cream Cake

You know how I had mentioned in my last post that I had made the wrong flavour?  Well, now I had a cake in my fridge with no place to go.  Mr T's parents took Miss E for the night and invited us to come for dinner tonight.  Bingo!  I'd bring dessert.

This is not the first time that they have benefited from one of my mistakes.  Way back when Mr T and I were dating in 1999, I was making the Perfect Chocolate Cake to take to a work BBQ the next day.  I was making it at his parents' house.  His sister and boyfriend were there too.  Everyone was so sad that I was making this cake and they didn't get to have any.  Fortunately for them, something went wrong.  When I was putting the cake together the layers started to split.  I quickly worked to ice the cake, because this icing when cold is pretty solid.  But no, it started to crack so I stuck a knife in it and another to try to stop it from moving.  I shut the fridge and hoped for the best.  When I opened the door again the cake looked like an avalanche.  I surrendered to the fact that I was going have to make another cake.  I've never seen Mr T move so fast to offer to go to the store to get supplies.  I've also never seen 5 people try not to get excited over the fact that they were going to get to eat the cake after all.

I haven't made this Cookies and Cream cake in ages.  It's super fast to decorate.  Normally I make it bigger, so there are lots more Oreo halves to go around.  I just covered the cake in whipped cream (whipping cream with some icing sugar and vanilla added before being whipped).  Then cut four Oreo cookies in half and placed on the top of the cake.  I sprinkled the crumbs on as well.


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One of the teams on my floor had me make a cake for one of their co-workers going on off on mat leave earlier this month.  She doesn't know the sex of the baby so I made it as neutral as possible.  This was an 8" two layer chocolate cake.  I just used some circle cutters to make the polka dots and the lettering.

The unofficial shot of the cake I caught Willow trying to get at the cake. She got pretty close before I shooed her away.

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Putting the cake together took a little longer than I expected, so we were a half an hour late to the party.  I had the best intentions to be on time for a change.  Oh well!