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60th Wedding Anniversary Cake

My brother's business partner, Sherry-Lee asked me to make a cake for her in-laws' 60th wedding anniversary celebration.  She asked for a smaller cake in chocolate with a couple dozen mini cupcakes in vanilla and chocolate.  After that it was pretty much up to me.  I love getting full reign over the decorating.  I was able to bake the cake and cupcakes before heading off to Logan's birthday party last Saturday.  When we came home from the party I had to take a nap to recover from being up so late baking at Lindsay's.

After my nap, I felt so much better and was ready to decorate the cake.  Mr. T and Miss E went to bed and I sat beside the open balcony door desperately trying to catch a breeze in the heat while I decorated the cake. Despite the heat it was actually very relaxing.  I had Golden Girls playing in the background.  Good times! :)

The cake was iced in a pale green then covered in flowers and leaves cut out of white fondant.  Then I joined them all with some royal icing to make it look like lace.  On each flower, I added a coloured dragee.


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Baby Shower Cake

One of the teams on my floor had me make a cake for one of their co-workers going on off on mat leave earlier this month.  She doesn't know the sex of the baby so I made it as neutral as possible.  This was an 8" two layer chocolate cake.  I just used some circle cutters to make the polka dots and the lettering.

The unofficial shot of the cake I caught Willow trying to get at the cake. She got pretty close before I shooed her away.

My Little Pony Pull Apart Cupcake Cake

For this "cake" I made two dozen vanilla cupcakes and arranged them on the cake board in the shape of the rainbow and clouds.  To make sure the cupcakes didn't move I added a dab of icing on the bottom of each cupcake.

It's not that often that I get to dye icing, or six different colours at once.  You can get a really good bicep workout,

Miss E was kind enough to lend her figurines as models for the picture.  The clouds piped out perfectly.  The rainbow was a little more difficult.  Next time I would put a base coat on the cupcakes to help keep the top coat more level and easier to pipe over.

Toilet Paper Roll Birthday Cake

This was a fun cake to do.  At first I really wasn't sure how it would turn out.  In the end I thought it was hilarious.

So, I started off with an 8" two layer square vanilla base tier.  The filling was raspberry mascarpone mousse.  It is so good!  Then I covered it using the grass tip to look like carpet with buttercream icing.  I would have used the filling but I didn't drain out the seeds and they would have clogged up the tip.  It wouldn't have been pretty.  Instead I dyed it to match the filling as close as possible to make pink shag carpet.
For the toilet paper roll I did a 6" 3 layer cake and covered it in fondant.  I added an extra piece of fondant to make it look like the paper was unraveling.  On the top I added a black circle of fondant to look like the empty space from the roll.  Lastly, I took a toothpick and spun the cake around to make the indentations of a "roll" of toilet paper.
The signs I made out of fondant.  In the picture I was sen…